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  1. 1. BG2 2. (tie) Might and Magic 6 & 7 3. Pool of Radiance series (Curse, Silverblades, Darkness)
  2. Hi! Was wondering what time we can expect this to launch on Steam? I see the 'coming soon' placeholder in my store page. Thanks!
  3. I simply prefer to play on the PC. I don't enjoy playing games on the tablet. It'd be an instant buy with all content on Steam.
  4. Any previews of the campaign guide? Are these solo/co-op scenerios that we can play through? How do you make progression? Sean
  5. Nathan, Thanks for the update! Very exciting. JUST TAKE MY MONEY!!
  6. Nathan, Thanks for the reply! It's because of this type of responsiveness I am supporting your company by purchasing products. Please reach out to me if you need help. Sean
  7. I am very excited to see this game! I love the tabletop card game and have played it since play testing. One question, where is the news updates? Why so quiet on a game which appears fairly close to release? I'd love to see details and even help beta-test. I have been a play-tester for many titles in the past and would love to help this game along! thanks! Sean
  8. I hope I didn't confuse what I wanted of PoE in my OP. I agree that PoE is a solid game on its own, but the question I ask is will I come back and replay the original in a few years? I don't think so. The big draw each time I return to the IE games is the D&D license for me. I suppose I could be alone in that sentiment. PoE's class system feels flat to me, perhaps I just have to spend more time with it.
  9. I wonder, now that PoE has been a success and we are starting to learn the world a bit more, could it be adapted to be a D&D game system? I love the game and it does feel like Baldur's Gate 2015 at it's core. What is missing for me is the Forgotten Realms lore and systems. The reason I continue to go back and play IWD and BG is largely due to the D&D lore, combat, and character systems. What do you guys think?
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