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  1. I had most of the cards (barring the 3 promo ones) from the mobile version anyhow, so the gain is somewhat limited. Heck, I even bought the Obsidian Edition without waiting for the Ambassador program, so I am not feeling that bad.
  2. Hello everyone, while I thoroughly enjoy this bug, I should bring it to your attention that I have received the benefits of the Obsidian Edition DLC several times, including cards, gold and dice. My PFID is 44AFAF071248B2B40. Speaking of which, entering a link code requires the PFID to be all small case, while the display shows it as uppercase. Which led to me getting "PDIF unknown" errors for a while until I figured it out.
  3. To be fair, Obsidian has a reputation to defend: Launching anything PACG related without encountering obvious, glaring bugs would just not be in the time honored tradition of this game. So why not start by messing up the launch?
  4. I heartily disagree. Mummy's Mask (by far the best set sofar), introduces far more new ideas and concepts than Skulls & Shackles and Wrath of the Righteous combined. The introduction of the trigger mechanic adds risks to examining card stacks. There are characters and cards which directly manipulate check results, adding or substracting numbers. In turn there are banes that need to be defeated by a margin to give benefits or hindrances, making these number manipulations valuable. The trader mechanic makes acquiring boons more interesting, as you have a chance to acquire boons of your
  5. I agree that Mummy's Mask is the most interesting set to play digitally right now, since it has some much needed changes that make overall gameplay more interesting. The traders in particular give a reason to actually work on acquiring undesired boons. The setting is fresh as well. So do roll margins on many cards, that reward rolls made close to the target number. However, Mummy's Mask, as far as I have seen in the physical game up to ad2 is also a set highly tailored to the characters that come with the set and the add on deck. I think for this game, getting the first 7 class decks i
  6. I am also highly disappointed by the frequency of updates, especially as there were several changes made to the microtransactions. Having bought the Rise of the Runelords Bundle at release, I was hoping to actually be able to play through the campaign at this point. Yet, it is now October and there is no sign of AD4 appearing any time soon. Luckily, there are other ways to play the PACG with friends online.
  7. The big "Multiplayer" Button on the starting screen, right under Quest answers that questions quite nicely. It is currently grayed out, as online multiplayer will be implemented at a later point. You can currently pass and play though.
  8. I assume you mean Merisiel and Kyra. The two share a special relationship canonwise. I am eager to see if we see it developing in the dialogues, since the party has already reached Magnimar.
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