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  1. More details on this in the hopes the community might have input: I am playing on 2 PCs, and when I came home the state of the game was in the middle of the previous mission I did over lunch on the other PC, losing all the progress I had made. I didn't realize it was 2 missions at first, and completed the mission I was on. Then I realized I was even farther behind than I thought and stopped playing. I just logged in on the other PC again, and here the progress is WAI. How can I make sure the progress will now save as intended between the 2 PCs, and I will not get set back to outdated versions again and again? Edit: And yes, cloudsave is on, however it took an outdated snapshot from within the first mission, rather than the final save when I closed the game after beating the 2nd mission.
  2. ... and it didn't save the progress of the first undead mission, losing cards I gained in the process... These bugs make it really hard to love this game.
  3. Hi SonMoekel, we are currently trying to fix this bug. We'll let you know when we have this fixed. Can you please pm me your PFID ? Thank you, message is out!
  4. Happened again... are you frigging kidding me? This time it only affected 1 character, Seelah, however it deleted her dead instead of resetting her equipment. Seems to be connected to the unclaimed items I want to use, as it affected only characters that had those equipped.
  5. Update: Support was super forthcoming, even if original items could not be restored, I was compensated with additional loot chests. Thank you so much for the great support! Heya... So I just equipped my PC party with the cool unclaimed loot I had from lootboxes, click on continue, when the game throws me back to the party selection screen. Re-selecting the party I just created, they lost all their special equipment and have the standard cards equipped. Loot did not return to the unclaimed tab, nor the stash. Basically lost everything. Help. Steam ID: Crux#2089 Party character names: Rheya, Liini, Theras, Seelah Created: June 16 around 13:00 CEST Items I kinda remember that went bye bye: (Legendary?) sword with 1d6+5 and discard to defeat non villain bane. Heavy armor with recharge bonus to gain allies. Blessing adding 2 dice for gaining a boon. Amulet of (eletrical?) fists, 1d8 and electrical trait Orb of Frost item Orb of Fire item Follower that automatically succeeds at gaining follower with animal trait Two +1 bows (smaller version that doesn't need weapon proficiency)
  6. In good news, I linked my 2 accounts (android and now PC) and it works fine! Had to start my old party once for it to show up on PC, but all ok after that (gold, dice, etc all there).
  7. They have different game play mechanics as well. Some are more subtle than others, but they all have some changes. Hum... is it possible to see the changes somewhere? Would like to know if it'd be worth it. Edit: Thx Ethic!
  8. Just purchased the game on steam, and am wondering: Pathfinder Adventures - Character Alts 1, are those cosmetic changes to character art only, or do they have different gameplay mechanics / stats?
  9. Then the sentence structure would need to be different. At the very least it's highly confusing, borderline promising a game-mode that doesn't exist (yet).
  10. Pathfinder Adventures translates the best-selling Pathfinder Adventure Card Game into an entirely new breed of digital card game, where players adventure cooperatively to battle monsters and villains, and acquire new feats, items, weapons, and allies. There is no coop (yet).
  11. You can salvage cards...? :D Ah it's only treasure cards you don't wanna use... and you have to click each one individually to find out... thanks for the info!
  12. Played through everything with an entirely new party, fixed a mistake I did with my Lini build the 1st time around and merged all acquired cards into one heck of a mighty party that is only waiting for the next adventure. =P
  13. Completely agree with the original statement, though I think you posted it in the wrong forum (it's not a technical problem but a game design suggestion). In the physical card game the first thing we did was set aside a "treasure chest" were we kept cards we discovered we may want to use with other characters down the road or just try different things. I feel the digital game would very much benefit from this, as long as the available space is limited, so you cannot sort out all basic cards ahead of time. Could also be monetized by allowing to purchase additional stash slots with gold.
  14. Thanks for the heads-up! Any updates on the following at any chance? Loot availability for characters that do final scenarios for the first time in a party that beat the scenario before. Campaign progress resetting to normal modes completed only after reforming party. Vault sometimes not showing all unlocked adventures. Ezren sometimes not able to explore again after acquiring a spell. Using Augury out of turn resetting turn (exploration) to hero that cast the spell. When using Major Cure on yourself, the additional recharged card animation is shown, however doesn't take effect. Cheers, -Son
  15. And it deleted all my legendary progression, once I put the original team back together... crying myself to sleep now and hope they'll get a handle on all those bugs soon. I just want to like the game... why does it make it so hard... ><
  16. Building a party with completely fresh characters and then adding Ezren results in the same "already completed" message. Man, this game really makes it tough on you to loving it... :/
  17. Did it with an Ezren solo run... tough as nails with all the wisdom checks and double combat checks he had to do vs the final boss... and it didn't work.
  18. Sure the solo run would work, as it says "scenario already completed"? Do I have to disband the current save to create a new "solo party"?
  19. Read up on the rules and they sound a bit fuzzy... they say "if they show up in a location deck, you automatically acquire them." Does it need special circumstances, or may they just get added in with other items?
  20. Heya guys! I recently added Ezren to the party, however he is not eligible for any loot (whether already in use by others or not) that has been previously discovered by Merisiel and Lini (the original party). Do I have to solo those scenarios with him or is there another solution? Unused loot will never show up in location decks, or will it? Thank you, -Son
  21. Got the 2nd Holy Light, thanks everyone! Now leveling Ezren a bit in the party of 3.
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