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  1. Is it still coming out some time today? What exactly is going wrong?
  2. I wish i could say I was surprised. I hope it is something that can be resolved in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours or days.
  3. Totally agree with 3-4. Fewer than three and you are hard pressed to have characters that can easily close enough locations. More than 4 and there is either too much downtime(if actually trying to play with 5 or 6 players) or there is too much to keep track of (if one or two players are trying to play that many characters). I'm so glad to finally have this in a digital format, where it is entirely possible to play 3 characters by yourself. Try that in the physical game and you are in for a headache!
  4. Not being able to solo with certain characters is not an "issue" unique to quest mode. They even warn in the manual of the physical game that certain characters are much harder to solo than others. PFACG was really made for 3-4 players or at least 3-4 characters.
  5. It totally makes sense that they are waiting to release all the decks before porting the game to Steam. However I highly doubt there will be any voices added, nor would I want them to take the time to record voice acting before releasing the game on PC.
  6. Yes and no. Recharging when you can is useful a lot of the time, until you have a hand of cards that can deal with a wider variety of situations. Discarding, on the other hand, is almost never a good idea, unless you REALLY need a specific card that has a better than average chance of being drawn.
  7. So basically, you always have a small chance for the low level boons you want to acquire to come up even if not in every game. But still, if you REALLY want access to a given boon, then just make sure its already in your deck.
  8. Well, I expect you'll be fully able to take them for a test drive in replaying the scenarios. I hadn't considered that. Let's hope so.
  9. Please don't. Keeping track of 6 characters is daunting and just not very fun for some people, while I'm sure other people love it. But playing with a party that big should be a preference, not a requirement for some kind of bonus.
  10. Looks like some good stuff in there. Of course my excitement for the roles is tamped down a bit, since you don't actually get to play them until deck 4.
  11. Its not "broken" if you play it solo... it wasn't designed as a solo experience. There is a huge difference. Quite honestly, the setup time and fiddliness of the physical version was prohibitive to solo play anyways, but now with the app there is no reason not to play with at least two or three characters.
  12. I strongly suspect that the pool of cards in quest mode is at least somewhat modified compared to where and when the cards would show up in the regular campaign. And given that most of the decks haven't even been released yet, many of the cards might just not be implemented yet.
  13. You should be able to click the button to continue, and then it should then bring up the option to take a basic armor card. Note the two "shoulds" in there... if those are not happening, then the app is not working as intended.
  14. It has already been correctly stated that electing not to make a check is in fact failing said check. But it still might be useful. One situation I can think of is the quest mode stipulation "when you acquire a spell, bury a card". There are quite a few spells where I would not consider this a worthy trade at all, and it would be very nice to be able to auto-fail the check to acquire them.
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