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  1. Yeah, something like that would be good. If there was an icon for Charm, I figured they could put that charm icon on abilities/spells that use it, and the cleric spell that removes it would just have that icon but with a different color or something.
  2. Well that statement was about the general state of "warriors/fighters" in RPGs, not PoE specifically, but yes you were technically correct about hit points had I been making that argument. Meanwhile, it still stands that as per design of PoE, Fighters are meant to be tanks and off-tanks, not high damage dealers.
  3. Also don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind a game with a "spell caster" tank, I don't think game devs are beholden to making armor and sword and board wearing tanks, but it very much is the case in PoE and likely PoE2.
  4. Well, in PoE they don't. Uh, Fighters get the highest starting base deflection of any class, period, with 30. They get higher Endurance (only Monks and Barbarians have higher) and Hit Points (only Barbarians in this category) per level than most classes. They get an ability to constantly regenerate health. They have a number of ability that taunt monsters, increase the amount of creatures they can be engaged with. With very few and small exceptions, fighters are still in the top category of defensive specialist. They are mechanically intended to be tanks, as it's been in most games, e
  5. You realize that in all roleplaying games, characters like the "Fighter" or "warrior" are suppose to be the damage sponges for the rest of the party? That's why fighters get the highest hit points per level, all the armor, etc. Yes some let you alter it to varying degrees to do more damage and less tanking, but ultimately it's always fell on rogues or other classes to be the high damage dealers.
  6. This may be minor or too gamey or whatever, but I wish I could either create categories for character skills and especially spells like "CC abilities", "direct damage abilities", healing abilities" instead of constantly re-reading through every spell through every level to find what I need. Or maybe the ability to put some sort of symbol icon on abilities and let me tag them myself (put a "+" icon on healing/curing ailment spells, etc). Anyone else want something like this? I just found it mildly frustrating hunting through spell levels for my casters sometimes, especially when I KNEW the he
  7. So I had PA on my mobile with things bought and gold. I linked my mobile version to my desktop version, but apparently I wasn't logged in to Asmodee.net or something, and now I cannot get my desktop version to carry over my gold from my mobile version after logging in to asmodee.net. my 4-digit ID# changes after logging in. It won't let me re-link it now that I'm logged in, and I can't de-link or get the link codes again. How am I suppose to get my gold and items to my desktop now?
  8. Yeah right now I'm confused if I should wait or not to get the Steam version. Hopefully things will be cleared up before the 22nd when the -25% off discount ends.
  9. Little early to pull out the pitchforks. See the Launch Time thread, a dev BAdler has responded the game isn't up because there was the wrong price point set.
  10. But I want my PC Pathfinder Adventures now! I don't have a tablet and the game feels so claustrophobic on my phone! *pitchforks and torches*
  11. I feel it stems from a desire of giving players a bit more freedom. Personally, I would have forced all crafting to take place either in the Stronghold, or rare scattered areas elsewhere (like, a Great Forge in one city and a Laboratory in another). But Obsidian obviously didn't want to force the Stronghold onto the players. Which I think is a missed opportunity, but then again I'm a massive Suikoden fan, where your stronghold is vital for the entire game.
  12. It >seems< to me that Wizards are not best as "Glass Cannons" but instead as "God Casters" that manipulate the battle field, save your damage spells for after using your debuff or crowd control spells.
  13. it's to show that everybody is using their whisper voices to communicate.
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