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Is Ydwin yandere or tsundere?


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  1. 1. What is Ydwin's anime personality?

    • Yandere (◕‿◕)
    • Tsundere (◣_◢)

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given the aesthetic and description o' ydwin, this will be an increasing common query. 


am hopeful the campaign, even after paypal, fails to break $4.9 mil.


HA! Good Fun!

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She has embraced the ego and is beyond such spooks.

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Please... I think some ppl think this character is necrrohhile, sociopat.. Frankly I doubt very much that Obsidian is going to make a stupid personage. The hate/trollling/creepy dremas about this character is stupid


It's all in good spirit. I am a fan of Ydwin and she looks like she will be a lot of fun. Her pretty anime appearance is a reason to love her more, not less.

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Xoti and Pallegina are masculine?

English isn't my nature language. I always think that masculine is opposite to feminine. 


Well, I can't see why Pallegina is not feminine if we jugde by her picture in PoE. Her features are very feminine unless you find feathers masculine. It's too early to say about Xoti yet tho, but she looks lady like to me atleast.

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