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What does mean number on character portrait tootip?

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What game version are you on?


That's a known bug but I thought 2.01 fixed it.

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I played numerous run-throughs before 2.0 and never experienced this problem.  However, the "0" was added to all of my protagonists on the day 2.0 was released and has remained there ever since.  


Presumably, the "0" is appearing because the engine correctly sees the main character as lacking any resources that rise during combat -- focus, wounds, or phrases -- and then incorrectly thinks it needs to report a "0" on the portrait.  Why it hasn't been corrected yet in the weeks since 2.0 was released, I couldn't say.    

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Yeah, I've seen this too. Add the missing buttons and the GOG update problems into the mix, and I think I will put the game aside for a while. I will quote Yoda "Patience you must have" and wait for the problems to resolve before trying a new game, with hopefully less problems on my side.

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