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  1. Yeah, I've seen this too. Add the missing buttons and the GOG update problems into the mix, and I think I will put the game aside for a while. I will quote Yoda "Patience you must have" and wait for the problems to resolve before trying a new game, with hopefully less problems on my side.
  2. Count me in, I'm having the same trouble with missing button display. Last time on sunday, where I had to guess the button's position to quit the game. Guess it didn't want me to leave
  3. And I have always thought a fan is a device for making the air move :D
  4. I support this request. It would be cool to have an option to wait until morning light before exploring those really nice looking wilderness areas
  5. Don't forget that you'll need to download the 3.5GB day one patch that comes tomorrow before you can start playing
  6. Apparently, gigglebytes is an arbitrary measurement unit for fun that you can have while downloading a game. If the gigglebyte size is larger than the download size, you are having fun while waiting for the download to finish. If it is smaller, then not so much
  7. I just bought the guidebook and the game guide in paper version because nothing beats the feeling of having the game manual in hand and the game running already on your monitor. I don't need CDs anymore, but manuals and guides are just so much better when they are for real in your hand. Plus you can take read them in bed or on the couch
  8. Just don't overlook this litte poll thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/70181-which-dev-should-play-at-pax-east/
  9. Oh my god, Durlag's tower - my memories are rushing me. So much behind a touristic attraction
  10. I tend to agree with Rhaeg here. While it would have been cool to have this in the game, I also doubt that this was their only clever idea and that there are more with the same caliber as the one that got tossed aside due to time/resource constraints. But we obviously disagree - so I guess we will have to wait until we can see for ourselves
  11. Well, you can't anymore. There used to be an option to add the beta to your kickstarter badge, but this not possible anymore.
  12. I don't follow your line of deduction there because I fail to see the link between combat heavy and meaningless dungeon and/or fights. One option doesn't exclude the other here. Of course I don't have more information than what was published so you might be right in the end. But I seem to have more faith in the people developing PoE than you.
  13. You've read too much David Eddings when you are using the bel syllable. Anyways, branded sounds like a adjective used with horses, but maybe the real meaning is lost in translation (to german)
  14. I find this very adventurous to say at least. We, well certainly I, don't know how many dungeons there are in the game and how they are connected into the story/stories we will get to play. The only dungeon that I know of that is just for exploration are the lower levels of the Odd Nua dungeon. So I find that saying actually quite unpolite and somewhat insulting towards the developers and I fail to understand why you have that impression. You do not seem to have much trust in the game that's beeing developed and their creators.
  15. I think (you'll never know how it goes when the time is there :D) I'll wait for the guide and lore books included in my tier, so that I have more information which class and race I'd like to play and how. But I will definitely play around with character creation and the first 30 minutes or so.
  16. I believe this is possible with Wasteland 2. AFAIK they just use Steam for distribution
  17. I was just browsing through the addons in the backer portal. I've backed for the Digital Fun Pack and I was wondering what the difference between the included Digital Campaign Almanac and the buyable Digital Download of World Almanac is? Can someone shed some light on that for me?
  18. It means "Brotherhood of the Five Suns". It's Vailian and is pronounced frehr-MAHS mehs kahnk swoh-LEE-ahs. Will we get a dictionary of some kind so that it is possible to figure out the meaning of in-game languages?
  19. Indeed, this is strange. Initially I tried with Google Chrome (Linux) and had no success in completing the process. But after trying with Firefox (Linux) I could ...
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