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  1. I did and it helps , was just replying to Kaz about his statement making spell discriptions easier to read ...using green and red ...... We were in the middle of tuning things when the patch went out. My fault. It will be a darker color that's easier on the eyes in the next patch. As part of an effort to make spell descriptions easier to read, we now tint stats that are getting a bonus in green, and penalized stats in red. This is why the tint color for text that is attached to a hover state (previously red) was shifted to a neutral color.
  2. oh noo !!!! Green/red I'm color blind as 1 out of 10 males are............ please change one or the other.... did you watch the jets/bills game ! heheh I couldn't tell diference between uniforms most of the time
  3. I also have to do the same as Monarchx to get dsr to work with POE... It's no big deal to me though, to just set desktop to 3840x2160 then run the game and use the above res.... running of fullscreen, win 7 sp1 , 970.......
  4. thanks andrea, got it working ......... also had to change the zoom to setzoomrange 0.25 1.5 and now have better graphics and can zoom in closer than the stock zoom level ( 0.5 1.5)
  5. So, does DSR work on POE ? I've tried setting to 4x in NCP and then loading up game and selecting the highest res and it still looks like 1080p......... I've tried searching for dsr and it always comes up 'no results' ........ thanks in advance
  6. as a newbie to this game, I find it out of place. what I'm doing now is listening to dialog then when the voice over is finished I read the whole text dialog. good game
  7. I'm getting ready to install and play this game for the first time and was just wondering are the patches that are coming out 2.02 , etc.. compatible with version 2.0 or 2.01 ? I hate to start game tomorrow with 2.01 and in a week or two have 2.02 come out and mess up the saves and have to start over . thanks for any replies .......
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