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This was the picture i used for my female human barbarian playthrough. I  tried to keep the theme with the rest of the companion pictures where each of them had some characteristic inherent to the character in the picture, ie: Aloth casting a spell, Durance and his staff, Grieving Mother and her hallowed eyes, etc.



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I have been looking for a "swashbuckler" type Orlan since beta first started!!! I have had no luck :( I've tried to "alter" some halfing ones, but i'm not very good with digital photo edits. If anyone has seen one plesae let me know! I have started over like 5 times because I dont like the picture I am useing... lol

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I was trying to find some portraits from an old favorite of mine, but turns out they disappeared when NWN Vault went down :( But. I did find some fantastic portrait pics in the Baldur's Gate EE forums. Particularly these two pages contain many truly excellent pics with variety, personality and ethnic variety - and artists are given credit, too.



(scroll down for collections of MiLeah's art :wub: Edit: and last but not least a bunch of Isandir's work!)


(portraits by MiLeah, Enkida, Phaere, Wycked)

Some of the pics are .bmp but can easily be converted to .png or .jpg in Paint, for example. And then cropped PoE-compatibly with this handy tool.

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This thread could do with some more variety. It's basically all slight variations hunks and babes.


I'd like to think the portraits I posted are a bit different! ...Unless you see those as hunks and babes as well, in which case let me just back away slowly from this conversation.


Incidentally, I added four more images to my collection last night - you can find the link in my signature. :)

Creepy and Surreal - Death Godlike PoE Portrait Pack - Last Updated 12 April 2015

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This thread could do with some more variety. It's basically all slight variations hunks and babes.





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“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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I decided to make my own generic portraits.. Portraits that might represent the class or feeling of a character I want to play rather than a face I feel I need to copy.


Good idea, btw. Use tarot cards as ingame portraits myself.




Made a little gallery on imgur should someone would like to take a look. They are not cropped or anything, just cards mostly from Pinterest.



I also made couple of more portraits and added them to my previous portrait pack.

All credits to the artists, of course. Sadly, I don't not them. These pictures just been lying around on my PC for all eternity now.





Never knew my custom portraits pack will gather 5,671 views. I did not post link anywhere but this topic. Thanks, guys. Glad you liked my taste. =D

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I'd updated the packset (72 Mb): https://www.sendspace.com/file/cvs411


  • Fixed image sizes for some portraits
  • Replaced 5 male portraits (65-69) due they does not meet size requirements.
  • The archive now includes 217 male + 308 female portraits.


Thanks to Moira for the link at BG's topic!


Some good old stuff (credits: 1,2 Olga Nagornaya and 3rd Frouds):








Currently there are [almost] no portraits for Orlan (wild), Aumaua and Godlike characters (less then 5% of all portraits).

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