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  1. I've added a few more portraits to the set so hopefully you'll find something you like. I love these - that aumaua looks like she's a moment away from ending someone.
  2. Well, I don't know about that... While there's no artwork online specifically of the head models used in game for death godlikes, there are certainly images which fit the broader description of the race: That said I would love to see more death godlike portraits! ...I just think moon godlikes need them more.
  3. Has there been any further word on this issue? I was talking to one of my friends who just completed the game and it turns out he was hit by this bug as well. As he didn't find out about the trick to get around the issue, he ended up killing everyone in the area and lost a lot of reputation. This then meant that he couldn't continue with Eder's personal quest due to the quest's reputation requirement and, I assume, any other quests with reputation requirements in the area right to the end of the game.
  4. I had this bug and can confirm that entering the building in Scouting mode fixes the issue. You can come and go from that point on without being attacked. I do think that this is a bug, either not intended to happen at all or only working half as designed. There are no other areas (at least in my gameplay so far) where a character is recognised to have stolen an item when they haven't been seen, whether immediately or by leaving and being caught on returning to the area. However, NPCs can and will become immediately hostile if your party enters an area they deem forbidden. In the case of the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, the archive area has an NPC near the door that specifically tells you that entrance to the archive is forbidden without the consent of Grimda. I assume entering this room without consent is what causes the eventual NPC hostility and that they should probably turn hostile instantly rather than on entering the Hall a second time. I don't believe this bug is tied to the Parable of Wael quest as I have only picked the quest up, not progressed it at all. I think it is tied to entering the forbidden area of the Hall of Revealed Mysteries.
  5. Thanks for the update Oscuro! I'm looking forward to looting the remainder of the Hold.
  6. From what you have written, it sounds like you found the notes in Azo's room without first speaking to the High Warden, essentially skipping a step in the quest. The steps are to speak with the High Warden, find Azo's notes, then return to the High Warden to discuss - this then unlocks the door to the rest of the sanitarium. Perhaps skipping the initial conversation with the High Warden made the rest of the quest glitch out?
  7. Pray to your dieties! http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2384998/original.jpg This is the most horrific thing posted in the thread.
  8. As others have suggested, I think controlling the game entirely with a mouse would be much easier than trying to control the game with a control pad. The UI is very much mouse-based and can require decent cursor precision due to the small icons used. Battle also requires precision if you are playing in Normal difficulty and above as friendly fire is on. I think the two functions you would need to rebind to your mouse would be pausing (space bar) and revealing interactable areas (tab). The tab function is really useful and isn't part of the UI and while the space bar function is replicated in the UI, it is vital to be able to press it quickly due to the combat system. Many mice come with two under-thumb buttons that would be perfect for this set-up. Alternatively, you could bind scroll up/scroll down as pause and mouse 3/scroll wheel click as tab. Either way, I think you could play comfortably in this manner and not lose any control or precision to players using both keyboard and mouse.
  9. I've been playing a little further and have come across another stubborn door that I can't select. http://i.imgur.com/GOqV0pT.jpg This is inside the Sanitarium in Act II. The guard posted at this door notifies you that you enter at your own risk. However, the door is unselectable and there are no hidden switches around. I'm assuming this door is bugged by the Fog of War issue along with the others mentioned in this thread.
  10. I'd like to think the portraits I posted are a bit different! ...Unless you see those as hunks and babes as well, in which case let me just back away slowly from this conversation. Incidentally, I added four more images to my collection last night - you can find the link in my signature.
  11. This, absolutely. You can put together some creative custom portraits for the other races but the Moon Godlike has a very specific description which makes it difficult to find similar images - pictures that feature a humanoid with blue skin, glowing markings, blue hair, horns, a purple halo and a moon are pretty hard to come by!
  12. I whipped up a few more creepy/surreal Death Godlike portraits! You can find them under the Spoiler tag below. I have started gathering the portraits I've made for Death Godlikes in an album on Imgur in case anyone else is interested. The original artists are credited and I have linked back to the original artwork for each portrait. I'm going to be adding more over the weekend so if you're looking for a portrait that's a bit more abstract or unsettling, it's worth a look. You can find the link here or below in my sig.
  13. Quoting this for the new page - thanks for letting us know that you're working on it, Oscuro! Hmm, I always scout with the full group since my team is pretty lousy at stealth. Maybe it's more a case of getting someone in just the right spot? Either way I think I'll wait until this issue has been patched to return to Raedrick's Hold to loot whatever remains.
  14. Anyone have any portraits fitting Death Godlikes that are a bit more on the horror/abstract side? I've made a couple from some quick Pixiv browsing (seeing the Death Godlike models in game immediately made me think of Siren's shibito) but I'd love to have a bit more variety. I'm not fussed on gender! Here are the portraits I quickly put together (under the spoiler tag for potential NMS):
  15. I can't get your screenshot to load but I think this may be the same problem we were discussing in this thread (where I linked to my save game and some screenshots of the affected doors): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75399-unopenable-door-in-raedrics-hold-dungeon/ Thankfully Raedrick's Hold has multiple paths to the final room so I believe the quest will be completable for the majority of people affected by the bug. Also, I've been playing more today and haven't yet experienced the issue outside of Raedrick's Hold so it seems the Hold may be only affected location.
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