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I think this is a new bug in raedrics dungeon at the stairs, was'nt there be4



Hi I can't open the first door in raedrics dungeon, I cant even select it. That's the door south of the stairs. I can't keep playing until I can go in there. I could go in there before when I played last week. Ok I just played again and I kept clicking past the door and one of my characters appeared on the other side from where I was able to select and open the door and let everyone walk through.

ok I see now if you walk up against the doors they sometimes  become selectable allowing me to continue. Ok that's all my report. please fix bug, Great game otherwise

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I can't get your screenshot to load but I think this may be the same problem we were discussing in this thread (where I linked to my save game and some screenshots of the affected doors): http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75399-unopenable-door-in-raedrics-hold-dungeon/


Thankfully Raedrick's Hold has multiple paths to the final room so I believe the quest will be completable for the majority of people affected by the bug.  Also, I've been playing more today and haven't yet experienced the issue outside of Raedrick's Hold so it seems the Hold may be only affected location.

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