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  1. "Raedric"-quest bug where Kolsc did not appear after Raedrics death still not fixed? When can we expect it? Or will this never ever happen? Just curious because this quest hangs in my questlog since the early beginning of the game, i sent savegames to Obsidian support and nothing seems to happen in this case
  2. I hired my first hirelings, and the description in stronghold screen said it would cost 10 now and 10 every day. But after a day when the message with the real costs had displayed it suddenly was 50 per day and hireling?! So why 5 times more than in the description? Anyone know where these differences come from?
  3. The whole Raedric-quest is still bugged, there is still a possibility if you kill him that the quest doesn't continue So i would suggest to avoid doing this quest atm and wait for a patch that finally solve all this issues with it.
  4. Hmm, if we look at it logically we could say: ... your save is working on other, different, computers so the savefile seems not broken - no issue with savegame So what's left? (a) it could be an issue with the game itself and its handling of your (obviously really old) hardware, or (b) a suddenly appeared hard- or software issue within your pc If it's (a) Obsidian must have changed something important inside the program code, not just content related things, like cpu-, memory- or device-handling. I don't know if this is a plausible scenario, only Obsidian know what they changed. The second and more likely option is that something's going wrong with your pc. Your hardware is rather old, and perhaps it's also possible to suffer a sudden "injury" of such parts. Perhaps your harddrive has failures, or the ram controller won't work very stable, hard to say at distance. Because you are almost the only one who is hit by such an issue i would strongly recommend to check your hardware first even if you think everything goes right except with PoE. E.g. overheating issues 'cause of dusted fans etc. can also cause such problems.
  5. Ok, hoped patch 1.0.3 would solve this but....well....obviously Obsidian ignored this quest-bug ( How often should we complain about until someone is listening?
  6. Too bad, i have also no before save anymore ( And , of course, would also like to know how i can end this open quest without the need to restart the whole game! And, btw, wouldn't it not be more useful to check just the final points of the quests instead of (obviously) using a hidden cascade triggers to finalize a quest? To make it clear, imho it looks actually like Quest A -> 3 (scripted) ways to solve -> final status X/Y/Z The game seems to trigger every point within this quest, if you miss one, it stopps. And, this game is very complex so it's logical that users may find unplanned ways to completion (also obviously because things like here happened^^). So why instead of checking the whole way a quest goes just check, after leaving/entering an area e.g., if the final X/YZ is reached or not. If you set too much restrictions in the way there will be always someone who accidentaly misses one checkpoint.
  7. Recently i tried to finish the Readric-quest by killing him but after this nothing happened In my questlog it still says that i now know where Kolsc is, and i should confront him. In his hut at Magrans he isn't anymore. So what now? Did the following: - sneaked through the castle to Readric - talked to him - accepted the task to kill Kolsc - go to his place and talked to him again - changed my mind and went back to the castle to kill Readric - killed Raedric and his men ....and nothing. Throne room still empty but Kolsc nowhere. Is there anything i missed? A walkthrough said after the battle with Raedric he would walk into this room but that didn't happened. I have to say that i used a decoy to "guide" them all to this little single room in right lower corner. So i did not fight him exactly in front of his throne. But the game didn't make any restrictions for this battle so i thought it would be ok to use this little trick Oh, btw, i read the sticky about how to post issues here but save file is too large to attach, this forum only allows 507KB, packed save has 798KB (
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