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  1. Portraits Pack (371 images, 210х330, various artists) Examples:
  2. Good idea, btw. Use tarot cards as ingame portraits myself. Made a little gallery on imgur should someone would like to take a look. They are not cropped or anything, just cards mostly from Pinterest. http://imgur.com/a/Xhm65 I also made couple of more portraits and added them to my previous portrait pack. All credits to the artists, of course. Sadly, I don't not them. These pictures just been lying around on my PC for all eternity now. Never knew my custom portraits pack will gather 5,671 views. I did not post link anywhere but this topic. Thanks, guys. Glad you like
  3. By the way, Thaos can not see her in th end which seems very strange to me. I mean, he speaks with everybody but her. Who is she? Why is she able to trick Thaos himself?
  4. Grieving Mother becomes more hardened if you wasn't supportive about her actions in the Birthing Bell. She even changes her comments during conversation with Hylea (stops being a fan of "returning souls to the hollowborn" option and warns you about dangers of it). So I wonder what does hardened Grieving Mother says after defeating Theos. And what would be in her epilogue then.
  5. Same here. Running game in other compatibility mode was not very helpful. So I can't continue the main questline and I feel very bad about it. Horrible April Fool joke, PoE.
  6. Custom Portraits Pack (61 images) Examples: Image removed because of copyright considerations ~ Gorgon.
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