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  1. Dallan, you're a lifesaver, I've been refreshing the thread daily and that worked like a charm. An absolute saint, I hope happiness and good luck will follow you wherever you go.
  2. Yeah, I hope they work on that stuff fast, I restarted a 20 hour game because of an act transition crash making me unable to continue, and it's still broken on the new game, this is just unacceptable.
  3. Oh yeah, if you manage to get past the cutscene, could you please upload the savegame so I can continue playing? I'm seriously addicted.
  4. Description: Game crashes/stops responding after the loading screen that comes after the transitional cutscene-recap between acts at the conclusion of the Hermit of the hadret house main questline/riots. Happens every time so I can't continue the main questline. Savegame and computer info: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tktfy4dj24c0al5/d9ada101-5b41-49d0-8838-2278177ab8cb%20autosave.zip?dl=0 Ps: Please fix quick, my earliest game save that's not stuck in a burning city is four hours behind.
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