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  1. This elven lady is a better match for my elf cleric than everything I have ever found! Amazing portraits, Amegani. djphong, was male 41_b drew by Eve Venture? It reminds me a lot of her usual drawings. Nice compilation. I resized some images for my latest playthrough, thought I would share with you guys. The more the merrier!
  2. Hey guys, how's it going? I've made a small human pack with some of the images I've found along the weeks. It countains 12 human male and 12 human female portraits (and one female elven). I know you guys would like more aumanas or godlikes but we take what we can find. I hope it helps someone! Previews: Link: http://puu.sh/hlXkW/da18524697.rar
  3. I've found the very image I was searching for months on this website, but the resolution's too small... Dang!
  4. So many great portraits here! I used these pictures for my almost custom party (can't bring myself to ditch Edér). I wish I could maintain the artistic style, but that's asking too much
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