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  1. I'll be short: Diffuculty: Easy Roleplay: Assassin About self: Casual player This was the second playthrough, so I know the basics. This knowledge helps me a bit, but still I can not say that the playthrough was really easy. Movies: 1. Leyra (sorry for a language, next videos are in English) 2. Zombies 3. Sky Dragon (this was tricky) 4. Adra Dragon (LMAO) 5. Thaos (really hard, all thanks to "Starcaller") Character sheet: Ok, on videos you see everything is looking easy. Actually, this was not easy everytime. Any large g
  2. Rogue: +5 more base than others +8 via Rackless Assault modal ability On level 12 + stilet superb (+12 accuracy) in 1h you will have 99 accuracy.
  3. I did not read every post, there is my 2 cents: All characters in PoE have own quest. Your quest is an important like the others (are you saving the world? no, you just try to get an answer from a rude man That's why all characters are disconnected. Everybody has a problem and trying to resolve it on their own. The only one character (which I like much than others) is Durance. He is only person who dislikes that you trying to resolve his problem. If your compainions will try to resolve your problem I am sure this will be quite annoying.
  4. A good costumer should know everything about a product before he decided to buy it. Are not you know that? What I can say about upcoming Witcher 3? I will not buy it until there is will be "Director's Cut" version. Because I know by myself that CD Projekt Red are unable to create well optimized games in day when a game released. Yes, their games are buggy-less, but they are not an optimized well. Did you read complains of people with topest hardware about why their W/W2 is running too bad? I have not a topest hardware, but I know that almost every current game is able to running well with mid-
  5. No one tells you be a tester. My examples: I had waited about a half+ year for Skyrim. I had waited about 1 year for Witcher and W2 each. I had waited patches for FNV regularly. There are plenty ways to relax, just find something else instead PoE if you could not play. Or you may continue create posts how the game is bad, this is also some type of time wasting
  6. Try to play solo and you are forget this question: you are always on first line Also increase diffuculty. Try to play in small groups. And may be you will find that all weapon stats are important.
  7. I did not red an every post, this is my 2 cents: Obsidian is not AAA gamedev studio. And never been such. That's why kickstarter's company for PoE was started. A time is awesome thing. If you will start playing in PoE 1-2 years later, you will find it a very solid product. Great games were made with a soul. Many of them still have a lof of bugs. Do I need to remember? Fallout 1/2, Arcanum, VtMB and so on... PoE, IMHO, is one of such games. Stop whining and just wait a bit for a couple of patches! -- I am understand bakers, but they should unsterstand too that kickstarter program means
  8. Most complains in this topic are able to fix via in-game settings menu: go and read all options (aoe displaying, attack stops when fight started and so on)! I have fun with such micro-management and you are just became too lazy after DA:O, IMHO :-D
  9. In PoE that rule does not working at all. Like it was for Fallout 1, Fallout 2 [and FNV]. To learn the game you must finished it in all possible variants. Killing or not killing everything on a way is your choice which is have a small impact on a game playthrough. If you feel that you must gain all XP: train char with 12 mechanics, train char with 12 athletics and so on. Also, if try to finished the game this way the game will said you that you did correct and where you did mistakes when choosing "to kill for XP". I am happy that I did not killed Raedrick, meantime many people considered h
  10. The problem with the current engagement system is that melee dps is pointless in the current design of this game. While yes you could technically do more dps in melee as a rogue, you wouldn't be able to survive because tanks can't taunt and you'd have to wear heavy armor and improve defensive stats (thus making your dps suck because you're not improving those instead) The game is designed so you either build pure defense or pure offense, trying to do both makes you suck at both. Could easily be solved with aoe taunts from tanks ON TOP of the current engagement system. Or some sort of way f
  11. Note: I do not say about playing solo. This is exceptional case. You have forgot to mention when INT will make more or less sense. At start of the game non-magic classes will gain bonuses like you said from INT, meantime at the end of the game such bonuses becomes useless for them. Everything is vice versa for magic classes. Did you saw how many damages deal 6 level "crazy" storm of a druid? In last case +100% range is overpowered over +21% damage. More over even 4 level storm will be overpowered with +100% range. And I did not mention how is important duration of any of storm's spell
  12. I'd updated the packset (72 Mb): https://www.sendspace.com/file/cvs411 Fixed image sizes for some portraits Replaced 5 male portraits (65-69) due they does not meet size requirements. The archive now includes 217 male + 308 female portraits. Thanks to Moira for the link at BG's topic! Some good old stuff (credits: 1,2 Olga Nagornaya and 3rd Frouds): Currently there are [almost] no portraits for Orlan (wild), Aumaua and Godlike characters (less then 5% of all portraits).
  13. The real world, movies, various other media, but that's beside the point. They really should change how backstab works, as right now it's not really useful at all. Right now because it's only useful for burst, you pretty much have to use guns as they're the best for burst damage. I like pistoler roleplay, honestly. When I playing with my rogue and he does backstab attack with a pistol it is looks like he has a shotgun in his hands, not a pistol. So, yeah, pistol-shotgun kills everyone, even on hard mode (not tested yet path of damned, but I think that it will be 2 shots instead one).
  14. Why I found this topic? Most portraits posted in this topic in one tarball (102 male + 163 female portraits, 37Mb): https://www.sendspace.com/file/88u8ps I like this guy, the true rogue (included in the archive above) : Taken from here: http://www.deviantart.com/tag/riddick Thank you guys!
  15. This is an ill topic and I know that developers knows about this issue. I wish to add a few words about that again. Sneak Attack and Backstab multipliers does not stack as should. You will gain either x1.5 (Sneak Attack ability) or x2.0 damage multiplier (with Backstab talent). Any backstab attack should ignore DR (not sure about sneak attack, too much cases when this will be applied). Because no one tells you do NOT use an ultimate pistol within 2m (raw damage always ignores DR). Also, any pistol (even The Dissapointer, it can be taken at Caravan map when the game started ) does x2 more dam
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