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So, here's hoping for a Minsc like Character!

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Minsc was okay. But one is enough.

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Minsc had his moments, but he was pretty one-note. I'm cool with P:E having an earnest idiot that provides comic relief from time to time, but just give the character a little more variety and depth.


It would be interesting to see the conversations with a Minsc-like idiot NPC and a low intelligence PC, though :lol:

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Yeah, Khelghar was pretty damn awesome. And hey, he even had a fairly fleshed out character arc, that was kind of a parody of character arcs for his kind of character (Quite a Character he was). Character


Also, I'm a bit surprised by how much people on this board don't seem to like him. I mean sure, hes kind of the Holy Grail (Quotes) of RPG geekiness, but I didn't realize he rubbed that many people the wrong way.


Few of us are teenagers still, I bet. He was good the first couple of times. But the constant clamoring for Minsc or Boo can get pretty grating.


I don't think I was a teenager the first time I played BG all those years ago... :p God I feel old now.

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Magic is impressive, but now MINSC leads! SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!


I love Minsc. He's easily one of my favorite characters from the BG series. Perhaps it's because I played BG 2 before 1 so I couldn't imagine a game without him, but he's who I usually go with. He was many troupes in one; barbarian yokel from the east, questing warrior in the service of a lady, dullard do-gooder. No other character can be more Minsc than Minsc, so we should leave him to the BG series where he belongs. We will see him perhaps in BG 3 (should that ever manifest).


Obsidian Entertainment should out-do themselves on these 8 ( or 12, or 15) companions. We can all expect compelling companions.


Agelastos's idea of a Edmund Blackadder-esque mage sounds great. Someone a bit between Xan and Edwin, more optimistic than Xan and less malevolent than Edwin. Perhaps the Drow-like Mage they've shown will fill this role.


The dude on the left.



If Minsc is to be referenced just let it be a squeak from a hamster. That's enough. We'll know.

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If there have to be comic relief characters in the game please let it be NPCs but not companions. I really dislike playing an epic story while feeling part of a travelling circus full of oddballs or freaks.


I don't normally play 'good' characters and usually play 'soft' classes (rogues/mages) so having one of the main meatshields be an irritating moron that I can't leave behind or I'm mush for quite some time is really not what I'm looking for.

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I'm only about 5 hours into BG2 (first time) so maybe my opinion isn't worth much but I haven't been that impressed with Minsc as a comic relief character thusfar. I think Shale from DA:O is much more interesting and humorous. Minsc just seems kinda cheezy and trying too hard to me. And just not funny frankly. People have different senses of humor though.


Shale though---solid.

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Minsc was a great companion to have in the party and very humorous , I hope we have someone similar in PE.


I can understand people don't want the exact same stereotype character in PE, so maybe we can have a barbarian called Ninsc and he could have a pet Turtle instead of a Hamster. That way it won't be familiar?

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I really don't think, that people want Minsc , because he was such a good comic relief, Personally when I think something like Minsc what I think of is character that isn't despertly prove how deep he is and make everything complicated, I think killer robot from KOTOR is the same thing just that he is evil, I am all for complex characters and so on but one character that isn't trying to make everything in to some sort of deep philosophical discussion, and simply goes" I want kill meatbags, so I will kill meatbags" or "This is good and helps people so I will do this"

Both characters are kind of a comic relief, but their "comic reliefie" stuffs comes from the fact that they are simple, I know that peole like to say that Minsc was retarded , and supposedly this is why people found him sometimes funny, and/or annoying , but to tell truth I may have played slightly to idealistic characters, but I sometimes, caught myself on thinking that while he is very blunt he is absolutly right.

To make it short. NO for Minsc in P:E YES for one character that thousen't try to make stuff complicated.

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Oh God, No. Please don't[ make another character like MInsc; he's irritating. if they have to copy a character personality that's crazy, then I wouldn't mind having another character like Xzar, who was crazy in an insane evil way (thanks to his awesome lines in Baldur's Gate 1).

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