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  1. i want more melee talants for casters who don't multiclass. Caster had access to a lot of these abilities back in PoE1 even though some of them weren't that optimal.
  2. i would like to point out that some of the sidekicks have a bit of dialogue in the beast of winter area, mainly Vatnir, Ydwin, and Rekke.
  3. This game looks great, but I honestly fear for this game success since the CRPG renaissance has died down a bit. It would be lucky if this game reaches over 7000 peak players on steamcharts.
  4. A niche crpg game from a less popular studio with barely any advertising and lower crowdfunding money is going to outsell PoE. Great logic there.
  5. Numbers have already been leaked. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/07/steam-data-leak-reveals-precise-player-count-for-thousands-of-games/
  6. Did you kill every native Dyrwoodan as well? I only kill people I really dislike in my games. Mudering someone just because you dislike them isn't exactly a "good" thing.
  7. The whole point of the class is its passive buffs. If you want more active abilities, then use another class.
  8. I kind of agree. Adding in new crew members is basically adding in no content for me. All these crew members are to me are generic people who use player character portraits. I wanted another sidekick. Nevertheless, free DLC is nice. I like the new savage personality.
  9. Some of us like access to a lot of spells because we like their effects, not because of how strong they are in a min/max point of view. Nevertheless, I'm fine with the current system since the game is balanced around it.
  10. Same. I thought the "fix" was more about fixing a glitch that turned her body human shaped, not about removing her nude body. But maybe I read the patch notes wrong and maybe my game is glitched.
  11. Not sure if this counts as a really minor nitpick, but Mirke doesn't seem to have her bangs anymore with the tricorn hat after the partial hair update.
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