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Dragon Age

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Red Sonja wasn't dark fantasy (it was heroic fantasy, to be precise), but not very happy-go-lucky either, and Sonja was a female warrior.


red sonja is...




the original character by Howard (Red Sonya of Rota-something-or-other) were a polish chick with guns and the setting for her story were real world ottoman empire at the height o' its power. 1 short story. No Conan and no swords for Sonya.


am honest unfamiliar with the comic stuff.


HA! Good Fun!

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I neither like the Witcher setting (too medieval), nor do I like the DA setting (too dull).


So I really hope Obsidian comes up with something more imaginative for their new game.



Though you haven't really experienced the setting of Dragon Age yet.

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"D:A world is supposed to have a dark, almost barbaric medieval feel (say Europe during the dark Middle Ages) yet there is no inequality between men & women."


Eh? This is a silly argument. DA is NOT Ancient Medieval Europe. You cna have a 'dark' setting and not have it set in ancient europe.


This is the same kind of losinga rgument about bashing the FR because it is 'loosely' based on Medieval Europe so some anal people mistake that for 'exactly like that time period'.


It should also be noted that Dark. Medieval. Europe. did not have magic spells, dwarves, dragons, etc., etc. either.


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Though you haven't really experienced the setting of Dragon Age yet.

I've seen enough from it to come to this conclusion.



Fair enough. Before I started playing it I really knew nothing about the universe (since I had decided I was likely going to pick up the game, combined with the ridiculously long development time, I haven't been following it in the press at all), so it's pulled me in and I enjoy many unique aspects of the setting.



The first thing I noticed about the game was that combat was pretty difficult. Until I had reacquainted myself with challenging combat, and worked out party composition and player/NPC progression it was not at all uncommon for me to die. I'm a lot more careful now, combined with a higher level and have returned mental mode of full party control to manage fights (especially some tougher ones) I am dying a bit less. And this is just on the default difficulty level too. I can see some people making some comparisons to Baldur's Gate, because it's probably the most difficult combat I've experienced in an RPG since probably Baldur's Gate (or maybe a different IE game like PS:T or IWD). There are still several fights though where if I expect to just get through them with auto attack and no thought (which I could do in a game like KOTOR), then I am dreaming. The challenge has been refreshing though.


Of course I could be finding it difficult because recent RPGs have made me soft ;)

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ehm... when did Bioware lift NDA? ;)

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ehm... when did Bioware lift NDA? ;)


alanschu has a special Bio-Licence to talk about the game. He is a psychological warfare operative for the sneaky Biowarians, his mission is to blast a hole in the carapace of cynicism that exists here about DA:O and the DaRK heRoiC FAntASy (etc).


Greg and Ray sit up at night fretting that the Obz board regulars are unimpressed so far. Honest.





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It's dark and gritty, don't forget... and epic! roflmao

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It's dark and gritty, don't forget... and epic! roflmao


Although I suspect that it's going to be about as dark and gritty as an episode of Go Diego, Go! I suspect it might be quite epic, in a sort of er, big way...


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This will be the first Bio game I won't get on day one. There's something fishy about DA... Something tells me it's 5 years too late to arrive.


It's not that the gameplay is outdated, I think it's incredibly silly to say things like the days of Fallout and Baldur's Gate are dead and gone forever because it's an arbitrary distinction. Like saying that a 2-D sidescroller could never EVER be made again. Sure it can.


What I think the problem is is that they're trying to wrap this oldschool sensibility in a veil of "cool" like Dude, it's totally not nerdy to play a dungeons and dragons rpg.


Well guess what bioware, yes it is. And your attempts to make your Elf Game look cool just appears even nerdier because of the misguided pandering and "14 year old Nine Inch Nails Fan" pastiche

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I also get a bad vibe from Dragon Age. On the other hand, I tend to wait to purchase most games these days. There's a good chance that I'll pick up the title as long as I get some good word on it. I stopped buying NWN1 expansions a long time ago and I ended up passing over SoZ, even though I really enjoyed MotB. I dunno. I get the same vibe from DA, even though it's supposed to be different. Makes it a tough but not impossible sale for me.

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Many well regarded fantasy novels have 'the evil reawakening' plot and I don't mind that at all as long as the personal story of the hero(s) is well written.


I did find The Song of Ice and Fire novels really interesting because the evil reawakening plot was shown through bits and pieces, here and there, but mostly took a backseat to the political intrigue, betrayals, murders and battles. It also had great characters, with some I totally loathed earlier, but later I was silently rooting for.


I really want something personal driving my PC forward and not just, 'oh, you're our most promising Grey Warden with this origin story, go out and save the world now from the reawakened evil.'


One of the reasons I still love BG2 over all other Bio games is because the story is more personal. Its less about saving the world and more about getting something that was stolen from you back.


I'm sure Bioware will deliver a great game, but I'm always hoping for more.

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'oh, you're our most promising Grey Warden with this origin story, go out and save the world now from the reawakened evil.'

I'm starting to hate this in roleplaying games. Yeah sure, the main char saves the world, but in a genre where difference in skills is represented by levels, why do I have to be special? The other 130 allied soldiers in the game fight the same bad guys, they start on level 1 too, we're just luckier (dice rolls; tactical battles, not armies colliding; enemies with roughly the same level). Our char is special, so everyone else, no matter how elite and twice as strong as us dies for some stupid little reason, but ... ah, I trust I made my point.

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I probably can't say too much about the story for more obvious reasons.



I agree that a personal story works well because it illicits that emotional response.


I don't mean to knock Bioware's stories. I always pretty much enjoy them, from KotOR to Jade Empire to Mass Effect. The only game I was really dissapointed in, storywise is NWN OC, which if I remember correctly also had some extinct evil race trying to make a comeback.


All I'm saying is that Dragon Age seems to be heading down that reawakening evil story path, which is fine, but I'm hoping there is a strong personal story in there as well.

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I didn't think you were knocking the story haha.


I have some thoughts on some of your comments, but should probably wait until after release to discuss them with you ;)


Sure thing. No doubt I'll come up with a list of little complaints on the game despite enjoying it immensely.

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