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  1. I'm hoping that they at least changed the 90% damage reduction during vats if not removed it altogether
  2. Why wouldn't the Vaults be clustered around a major metropolitan area? The people with spots reserved would have to be able to get there from their homes/businesses on pretty short notice. Well if you consider that there are like 130 spread across the entire USA it seems silly that a town like DC would pull so many into such a small area
  3. On a gameplay level Fallout 3's size was fine, but if you actually try to think of the map as being an actual place it comes off too small. Especially since there seems to be 5 vaults within 15 miles of one another
  4. Not so much in terms of themes, but in terms of design Tim Cain is also a consistent guy. All of his games have his stink all over it (in a good way). Partially because he has the balls to put something like playing as a Nosferatu in Vampire in their games. To design and code an entire character class where the idea is "you're not going to be allowed to see huge chunks of this game" is pretty... confident. Miyamoto has gone through phases, but most of his career has been centered around the themes of courage and exploration into the unknown and surreal. Of course, even within this "period"
  5. You know how much money they must have pumped into this idea for all the servers it has to run on? You know how long they kept using Starforce even after its evils became common knowledge? Quit dreaming man, this is for the long haul.
  6. The Icewind Dales are in my backlog but I couldn't even finish Baldur's Gate 2 so maybe i should just forget it...
  7. Mainstream media coverage this early in the hype cycle? Wow. Most likely a product of vertical integration Is there some ownership connection between Gannett (USA Today's parent) and Zenimax (Bethsoft's parent) that I'm not aware of? I was thinking more along the lines of a connection between USA Today and PC Gamer The USA article definitely reads like an advertisement for PCG's cover story.
  8. Mainstream media coverage this early in the hype cycle? Wow. Most likely a product of vertical integration
  9. You realize that it costs money to make games right? that sounds like a legitimate question... for iron tower... not so much for the consumer. nevertheless, if vinnie can gets consumers to pay shekels to support his game Before it is finished, then more power to him. HA! Good Fun! Well that's why people would. They want to support what ITS is doing and help it along as it goes
  10. You realize that it costs money to make games right?
  11. Fallout 1 is fine the way it is, Fallout 2 has its problems but if you go through changing everything at some point it stops being a remake. They both still work and they're $5. And both are owned by Interplay as of now anyway. I don't see why turn based isometric Fallout can't at least coexist with the FPS ones, though. Turn based is not "outdated" nor was it made obsolete by real-time combat. It's only as "dead" as people percieve it to be. There was a time when sidescrolling was considered "dead", now not only do we have Megaman 9, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, but we also have things
  12. You forgot to mention the confirmation that in Hardcore mode iyou need Doctors Bags to heal crippled limbs and the insinuation that there is no official "main" quest aside from maybe some macguffin chasing
  13. Except your character frame skips through the entire game. Doesn't crash, that's what I mean. Performance wise it could be better.
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