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Dragon Age

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Is it the same lame setup? Humans are more fertile/expansionistic/brutal/etc. Elves and dwarves are in decline. We have to decide whether to side with the human racists or with elvish treehuggers or some lame crap.


Please tell me it isn't completely rehash.

You mean the Witcher? Such plot works since the setting, where witchers are half-human and half-monster. In Dragon Age's case, the protagonist can have six origins, through the eyes of each standpoint, players are introduced to the world of complex social structure, well, at least more complex than your old fantasy settings are. The players probably need to do gray choices during the course of the game, which is probably more convincing than good/evil morality choices. The downside to me is that it's still a Bioware work, where the protagonist must be a hero/heroine for an "epic" adventure. *mild spoiler for DA is ahead* Whichever origin the protagonist is from, he/she is going to be recruited to Grey Wardens, the elite warriors dedicated to fight against a common threat to the whole world and be destined to save it with similarly recruited members of various backgrounds. *fanfare*


Well, I hope the combat is not going to s*ck.

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Passive voice can turn a rather banal sentence into poetry, if utilized right. I have never understood why so many American institutions are against it. It's a tool in the trade, so use it.


It's called hypercorrection. Bad writers frequently write entire passages in passive voice. When told to not do this, they hypercorrect and avoid using it at all. Then they take it upon themselves to tell other people not to use passive voice, ever.


Agreed. Passive prose can be lilting and beautiful... but it stops the forward momentum in a work of fiction, so the writer must know exactly when and for how long the reader's attention span can be redirected from the active action that most fiction novels use to keep the reader flipping those pages. The best wordsmiths know exactly when to give their gasping readers a quick breath by the use of beautiful, descriptive, even poetic prose, and how long to keep those reading engines on idle before pushing the prose back into active forward-motion again.

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By the way, are there other origins known besides the dwarf whatever, the city elf and the human noble?



There are sex origins:

Human noble

City Elf

Dalish Elf


Noble Dwarf

Commnon Dwarf


Wow!!! I am soooo going to get this game!!!



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