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Too many choices to be a poll....

Guest The Architect

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Guest The Architect

Warning! Do not talk about K3! Just select the letter, vote, it's just a poll! No talking, just choose A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K or L or M


How would you handle the fates of Revan and the Exile for K3?


A) Kill them both off

B) Play as Revan

C) Play as the Exile

D) Play half the game as the Exile, the other half as Revan

E) Limit them to minor cameo appearences

F) Both to make appearences but not be the main character or a party member

G) Don't kill them off, but don't make appearences either

H) Kill either Revan or the Exile off, but not both

I) Start as the Exile searching for Revan and when you find him/her, have them both as main characters with two different parties and ships

J) Having both Revan and the Exile as party members under a new main character

K) Give Revan and the Exile major roles, but not be the main character/s or PM's

L) Having Revan as the Main PC and the Exile as a party member with Revan...

M) Having the Exile as the Main PC and Revan as a party member with the Exile...

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Or, even better: a choice between I, K, L & M


Edit: to clarrify: an *in-game* choice. For multiple replay value.

Edited by Dyan

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I think that since we have played both Exile and Revan and were deeply involved in their stories, adding a third character at this late a stage detracts from the overall storyline. He or she becomes a narrator, of sorts, who has to be introduced, brought up to speed, and then bring the tale to a conclusion--which is a very tall order. That discounts the importance of these two primary characters, and removes the player from the (promised) action. Not nearly as interesting or dramatic. If a narrator is needed in the beginning to set the stage, there are already many choices available from continuing party members. (Such as T3 did in K2, fixing the disabled Ebon Hawk).


Taken as a whole, what sets the Kotor series apart from standard RPG fare is the story; and at its heart it is Revan's story (with Exile as an impact character, for good or bad). I don't want to be 'watching' them resolve it, or (worse) having someone else fix the mess they made. That isn't how a good story works.

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Guest The Architect

So far the poll standings are...


K - 4

I - 3

J - 3

D - 2

L - 1

M - 1

B - 1

C - 1

A - 1


I also did this poll over at the LucasArts forums and so far "I" is winning over there. DeathzBlade, I assumed judging by reading your post you voted for "I", I also counted JudgeHades vote which he deleted and that was "A".


Also, your allowed to vote for more than one letter but not the same letter twice so I counted all those secondary choices, etc people had. Hmm, looks like so far "K" is the popular choice here, which means, people want Revan and the Exile to have major roles in K3, but not be playable characters.

Edited by The Architect
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E or F. They have their part in the story, but it should be a new main PC that makes decisions of the game's outcome.

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The main character should be all new, but strongly tied to (maybe a padawan of) one of the NPC's from either game.

You should definately run into Revan and the Exile at least once each. For me, the story would be about this new Jedi going picking up Revan and the Exile's pieces and sorting out the mess they both made of the galaxy one way or the other.

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We have seen the exile and Revan. Its time to make a no-body to a powerfull character.



I for one wish Revan and the exile also dies. It would be cool if when you play as the exile, you discover Revan dead. Then when you play as X ( new main character) you find the exile dead another place. That Revan and the Exile died on their quest, and you will sucseed.

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