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  1. when you try to look like one of the male exiles when you have a screenshot as the background on your desk top
  2. i went with K1 because there is something about it that i can't quite figure out but i enjoy it every time i see it.
  3. Force lightining. I love it because it belongs to the Dark Side.
  4. i think killing desciple would be fun. Along with Bao Dur and Goto. I would leave Visas, Handmaiden, and Mira. Atton i would have dumped back on Nar Shadda and T3 would be with him. Hk would still roll with me, and Mandalore would have killed him on Duxon.
  5. Luke: Master Viper is the Dark Side stronger? Viper: Yes, unfortunate it is. Luke: Unfortunate that i know the turth? Viper: No, Unfortunate that now i have to kill you. *pulls out like saber and strikes luke down.* Viper: Hard to see the Darkside is until it is to late. some one give me an oscar.
  6. Brianna her and my male Exile will repopulate the force-sensitive universe (if ya know what i mean)
  7. K1 because of the expanded worlds, its great story, and its completedness (if thats even a word) not to mention it had the greatest female NPC Mission uh i mean Bastila.
  8. even with the missing jaw Malak would beat the tar out of Sion. Sion was wanting to be Kreia's apprentice again and cried when the exile was chosen over him. Malak wanted to destroy Revan from the start. That alone shows who is the better Sith Lord.
  9. back on topic Malak would own Sion with the quickness.
  10. Bao Dur because he served with the exile during the Mandalorian wars and then didn't hesitate to join the party when you met up with him on Telos.
  11. i found it really hard to kill her too. she is just so hot.
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