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  1. Kreia dont care if the force is opressive or manipulate others. She only cares about that it could possibly influence her. That she could manipulate the force is just right to her, but she does not accept that by that connection she is herself infuenced by the force and though that her own actions. She simply cant accept that anyone have power over her. She is as a twisted puppy as they come, and she is willing to kill everything in the universe to teach the universe that she is not to be messed with. She is as dark as they come, and ultimatly much worse threat then even the emperor ever will be (he settle for destroying a few worlds that don't obey him).
  2. My theory was always that Revan chopped it off when it was decided who was the master. But yes, Malak lost his lower jaw. I believe there is a scene where you see him without his jaw. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nah, Malak lost the jaw when trying to learn how to shave with a lightsabre to show everyone how tough he was.
  3. Revans misstakes was two: 1) Forgott to place remote detonated explosive in appretice armor. " 2) Forgott that when an alarm goes off, that tells that a strike team of Jedi are on way to the bridge, you don't accept the report from guards that they will handle it. You leave in a special escape pod directly from bridge and remote detonate the bloody ship with Jedi still on it.
  4. Sidious wins by walkover, since kreia has been dead for millenias when the fight take place...... It obviously sucks being killed by the Exile a few millenias earlier. Oh well, that is what she gets for all that nagging I guess.
  5. A:Kill them off in a cutscene where they weaken the true sith army, then play as Revans latest apprentice given the job to finish what Revan and the Exile started.
  6. Making big Z kill Mission was what made me feel most evil in the games. Killing any of the others personaly did not feel as bad. Guess it was that Mission was the closest that was to a child in the game, and that big Z was her friend.
  7. Hehe, yes most here have noticed the flaws that was in KotOR 2, but probably would have been handled if Obsidian had not been ordered to release the game early. Think it is better to place a post like this in an already excisting thread, since it is not the first.
  8. I'm sure she didn't want it in ruins - she wanted it united and strong and with her in control. Only a madman like Malak would deliberately seek to destroy the territory he hopes to rule soon. If Revan had truly been concerned with saving the galaxy I don't believe she would have chosen the path she did. She wanted to save the galaxy from the True Sith so that she could have power for herself. That's evil. As I said, I'm willing to concede that we can't know this for sure, until we know exactly who and what the True Sith threat is. But if they're any kind of conventional military or Sith-like threat, then I think Revan's actions just weakened the ability of the galaxy to defend itself. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't think having Malek in control of things was part of the plan. Like all Sith Lords they consider themself invincible since they are the best things since sliced bread. Anyway once Malek was becoming a bit mad: keep your friend close and your enemies closer. Revan was abitious and power hungry, that was why he learned everything that he could get his hands on. I dubt that he actualy thought he would fall, but that he thought he could contol th power of the darkside instead of the other way around. Unfortunatly it does not work that way and he ended up like apowermad dictator like all the other Sith lords. Lucky for the republic he was not a mad dog like Malek.
  9. Booth Korriban, Ravager and Malachor 5 was so unfinished they were not fun, but I could not find any option for that, so I settled for Malachar 5 because of the bad ending.
  10. In other word it is a DS persons view of how "Noble" Revans fall was. Instead of coming out and say that all the bad things he had to do made him fall, she wraps it up in a more beautifull way. This was probably in hope of making a new Revan in the end. Think bad habits is bad to brake.
  11. thats the best plan i have heard all day next... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If we are talking player reflexes instead of character skill.....NOOOOOOOOO!!! Then it is not a real RPG any more. That is why KotOR was so much better then the other SW games that was avilable, it was a real RPG game.
  12. Since the Madalorian was broken at Malachor 5 I think he found StarForge before that. He just did not have enough people to use it and its products at the time. You can have a fleet of ships, but with none to drive them they are useless.
  13. Almost 2 in the morning, and I am a bit tired. Guess it is showing in my typing.
  14. It must have been during the war. As he had to make more and more differcult choices to defeat the mandelorians he probably took one stepp to far and fell from brace. Using DS artifacts and ruthless metodes was probably easy for him after that. By using the same ruthless methods as the enemy he became the enemy.
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