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  1. Thanks so much for that interview Chris. I am wanting to become a part of the game industry and it was nice to have an insight about it.
  2. Hi guys My topic pretty much explains it all, as I am quite clueless on how to get into the gaming industry. Right now I'm a college student in Oklahoma majoring in Psychology, and it piqued my interest that George Ziets also studied Psychology but wound up working for Turbine and then Obsidian. Like him, I would like to be a game writer as I have a passion for writing. My question is this: How do I go about getting my foot in the door as a potential game writer? Thanks for you time !
  3. Well, I think not only should there be choices but I would like to see more of the playful aspects of romance (i.e. flirting). Perhaps them going on a date, like a romantic caravan ride rofl. What reminded me of it was Final Fantasy 7 and how Aeris and Cloud (or others) got to go on a special, but fun date. Romance does not always have to be serious . In addition, I personally liked Anomen and how I was able to do an in-depth side-quest with him. In the conversation options, I would like to feel like I really know the characters. I just felt short-changed with Elanee and Casavir because
  4. I can't get NWN2 to run on my brand new computer. It says that I don't have enough video memory for the card even though when I check dxdiag, I have 281 MB for my video card. Could it be Vista? Please help =(
  5. Heh... I can't even get support in the United States. I bought this game when it first came out by scouring high and low the stores, couldn't even get it to run properly on my old computer, so I get a new computer.. am excited about how I get to play one my favorite games of all time and apparently it won't run because (I am pretty sure of) Vista. It basically says my graphics card is less than 128 MB when it fact it's around 281 Mb. Sigh. I email Atari, but I think Atari is pretty messed up right now so who knows when I will be able to play my game =/
  6. Hello, at least the people that have been complaining actually GOT the game. I eagerly purchases 2 copies of NWN2 and one had JUST the play disc and the other had the installation discs but no play discs. See, my boyfriend and I wanted to play the game at the same time. So, the Gamestop in OK had one copy left and it didn't have a play disc. When we walk back in to complain, an employee looks through a game that has been opened to see what discs it has. Another No Play disc. Please yell at them, because the people have waited far too long to play and want to play. Thanks.
  7. I normally like Light Side because everyone generally likes you better and the story seems more complete as a light sider. However, Dark Side powers are way cooler and if I did not become so ugly and so brutal, I would probably see how a Dark Sider was first. I always wanted to play a charismatic kind of evil (think your common vampire if you don't understand what I am saying).
  8. Omg, I know how you feel! I was like, "No Atton, you're not a fool! You're not!" And then when Kreia said that the Disciple truly loved me and could not take loves with them to the Outer Rim, I was like, "W...t...f! I never even talked to you!" At least Dark Spock, Kreia says -specifically- that you cannot take Visas or Disciple. This leaves room for Atton! Bwahaha.
  9. Then people would be mad if they played Revan 1 and 2 knowing he/she was either a boy/girl and light/dark. That goes with the Exile as well. And Perfect, Kotor I and II are based on Revan and the Exile. They deserve a major part of the storyline. Kotor 3 would make absolutely no sense if Revan and the Exile were not in there at least as major npc's, the True Sith was not dealt with, and most of the memorable npc's from I and II were not in there.
  10. you think Exile should be canonically LS female. although i agree, it is not really up to us. like K3. as for the actors- Bastila: Jennifer Hale, the voice actor from le game Visas: Kelly Hu, also the character's voice actor from the game Edit: thanks cookie <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, I understand this. BUT so what if we decide to have Revan F and Exile F? Are we just supposed to have voiceless characters?
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