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Best Sith Lord??

Who do you think is, or would've made the the best Sith Lord?  

66 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think is, or would've made the the best Sith Lord?

    • Marka Ragnos
    • Tulak Hord
    • Ludo Kressh
    • Naga Sadow
    • Freedon Nadd
    • Revan
    • Malak
    • Darth Traya
    • Darth Nihilus
    • Darth Sion

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I say Revan, because

I could play as Revan, making ME the greatest Sith Lord and doing as I wished in the Star Wars Universe! :devil:

. Plus Revan is kind of the underdog, what with his

Amnesia and all

, so his enemies would not expect it :wub:

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Tsk, where's my "exile"? :huh:


Given the choices above, I'm going to say Revan - simply because I've not seen the full aftermath of his actions, and since its still unknown, he has the potential to "be the best". <_<

HK47: Commentary: It is not possible to destroy the master. It is suggested that you run while my blasters warm, meatbags.

Bastila to Revan: You are easily the vainest, most arrogant man I have ever met!

Canderous to Bastila: Insults? Maybe if your master had trained your lightsaber to be as quick as your tongue you could have escaped those Vulkars, you spoiled little Jedi princess!

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How can you not vote Ragnos?! He could easily defeat Revan. Just as Kreia says, "We are like children playing with toys compared to the old Sith masters."


Yea I know no one listens to her..... <_<



"Great intelligence usually goes hand in hand with great stupdity."


Join The Sibilati!

-Sibilati retrorsum sibilamus

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