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  1. The events in the comic take place before Revan and Malak left to fight in the Mandalorian Wars and before Taris was occupied by the Sith. Most of the Jedi on Taris would have left to fight in either the Mandalorian Wars or the Jedi Civil War so I doubt that there were any left on Taris during the first KOTOR game. As for why those Jedi masters killed their padawans, they might have fallen to the Dark Side but we won't know anything for sure until we see more of the story. I really like where the comic is going so far.
  2. Favorite KOTOR 1 characters: Bastila HK-47 Jolee Mission Zalbaar Canderous Favorite KOTOR 2 characters: Visas Kreia HK-47 Mira Bao-Dur Atton Mandalore Characters that I can't stand: Carth Go-To Malak Dustil Zalbaar's brother Hanharr Vrook
  3. My ideas for KOTOR III: 1) Character appearance selection should be similar to the one in NWN. This way you could choose your characters face, hair stile and hair color separately which should alow for more diversity. 2) Different robes, and by this I don't mean one robe type with 3 or 4 different color schemes. Also, make Dark Jedi robes look different from Jedi ones. Make them unique and not just black colored Jedi robes. 3) The ability to choose your own race. It would be great if you could make your character a Twi'lek, Enchani or some other humanoid or human-like race. 4)
  4. I think your gender actually determines what Kreia says. I'm currently playing as a LS female and Kreia is nicer to me that when I was playing as a LS male.
  5. Although he had a few good lines I really hated him. I mean, I'm the future Dark Lord of the Sith and I have to suffer some bucket of bolts telling me what to do with the Republic. And he even has the nerves to threaten blowing my ship up. :angry:
  6. Although I think that KOTOR 2 was good, I liked the first KOTOR more.
  7. Yes there is. You have to get the explosive from another room in the academy. To open the door to that room you have to finish the written exam on the console (the one where you register as a student). Inside that room you'll find a locker. WARNING!! Don't open it with a lightsaber or other weapons or it'll explode!! Inside the locker you'll find the explosive to use on the sealed door of Uthar's Chamber.
  8. Ok, so to get Mira instead of Hanharr on Nar Shaada do I: a) have to be light side or neutral b) choose only the light side options when doing quests on Nar Shaada
  9. I really liked her. Of all the new characters in KOTOR2 she and Atton are the ones I liked the most. Btw, does anyone know if there is a way to be a DS character and still pick up Mira instead of Hanharr? What determines which one of them you get to pick up? Your alighment or your action on Nar Shadaa?
  10. I finished the game as a DS male character and I managed to turn Atton and the Handmaiden into (Dark) Jedi. You can get the influence by talking to them on Ebon Hawk. Just make sure that the Handmaiden isn't around when you're doing bad stuff or you'll lose influence with her. When Atton tells you about his time in the Mandalorian War and Jedi Civil War approve of what he did and say that the Republic deserved what happened to it. If you do it right he should turn into a Dark Jedi Sentinel. For the Handmaiden talk to Kreia about Handmaiden's mother and then suggest training her in t
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