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Who had the best backstory

Who had the best backround  

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  1. 1. Who had the best backround

    • Atton
    • Kreia
    • T3
    • Bao-Dur
    • Handmaiden/Disciple
    • Visas Marr
    • Mira/Hanharr
    • GO-TO
    • HK-47
    • Mandalore/Canderous

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I voted for Kreia, for her backstory is quite rich and complex.


G0T0 also has a nice backstory, if you have the nerve to influence him(it).


Since Canderous is Mandalore, his war stories from K1 are also very good.


HK's exploits form K1 and stories form K2 are nice, but if you don't have the proper repair skill in K1 or enough influence in K2, I suggest you don't bother.


Atton's story is interesting, well sort of, but you find it all in aone single freaking dialoge line.


Visas has NO backstory at all. Even some unimortant NPCs give some kind of story about themselves.


Mira and Hanhar give some useful, not very long explanations avout their past, which is good. Not quite useful, but adds more to their characters.


The Handmaiden's and Disciple's stories are interesting, although not very long too. Still, it's nice to know more about them, not to mention that through influence gained form discovering their past,

you can make them jedi.



Bao-Dur dosen;t say much. Sadly, this character could say a lot.

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Visas has NO backstory at all.
She does.

She was a Miraluka from Katarr, the only survivor of its destruction taken as a servant by Darth Nihilus, who spared her because he wanted her people, at last, to see (according to the comic Unseen, Unheard).

Not much of a backstory, but it's not nonexistent.

Bao-Dur dosen;t say much. Sadly, this character could say a lot.
Hey, it's not Bao-Dur's fault that hearing "Yes, General?" causes Exile to lose their tongue and be unable to say anything but "Never mind". Edited by Sikon
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^ Uh...this is the spoilers forum. ;)"


Kreia, Visas, HK-47, Bao-dur...they are like people that cling to a past and moves on...broken, but still whole somehow...


I voted Atton, because his story is rather special...assuming a different identity in an attempt to dodge a past and path that he enjoyed somewhat but in the end he simply couldn't stomach it...he is like the little guy that's caught up in a storm and try to escape it...not unlike the Exile.

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I think that Atton's is definitely the best back story. The rest of them didn't really have developed back stories.


Kreia's back story is basically comprised of one movie.


HK doesn't have much in K2 - it was all in K1.


T3 has one holo-recording.


Visas has about one line about Katarr.


Handmaiden only has a bit, as does G0-T0.


Mira and Hanharr have slightly more.


Bao-Dur's is just about why he fought, and him blaming himself.


And then there's Mandalore - none at all. There was only one dialogue aboard the Ravager where he talked about being left by Revan with Visas, and that was cut.


Then Atton has his fully-developed story about joining Revan after Malachor V, meeting the Jedi, and abandoning the Sith. It was quite similar to those in K1, where you found out a bit more after each level, except here you found out more every time you gained influence with him. Compared to the rest of them, Atton has, IMO, clearly the best backstory.

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Another poll! :luck:


I thought that Atton's was the most satisfying in a story-like fashion. Beginning, middle, end kind of thing. I also thought the way they altered his motivations/reasons for telling the story depending on whether you were Dark or Light was fun - gave the story different potential meaning (and doubt about whether it was even true or not) and I always like that sort of thing.


Kreia's could have been a lot better with more insight into her mind and motivations. Yeah, I know, they tried at the end, but too little too late for me. A potentially complex character too watered down.

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Atton - His story with Kreia and the (female) Exile is more interesting than his backstory

Kreia - She was interesting up until Telos, then when her manipulative side came out she fell apart, and her backstory is a quick cutscene

Bao-Dur - A few sentences summed up his backstory

Mira/Hanharr - Probably the most developed backstory of the game. Does have the potential to be a game in its own

Visas - About as detailed as Bao-Dur's

HK and T3 - See K1




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I also vote Kreia. I just wish the writers had been a bit more subtle in how they played it. She admitted all the details too easily, and she came across as too evil when a more genuinely neutral/ambiguous portrayal would have had greater effect.

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HK-47. He talks about the Jedi Civil War, Revan's plans and the whiney tag alongs that Revan had.


Atton is good to. His backstory into the Mando and Jedi wars is great and what he did during that time.

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I agree that the portrayal of Kreia should of been more neutral. Her alignment was neutral, and she was supposed to have turned away from the Sith, but she might as well have had a huge sign over her head proclaiming her as evil. She spent the whole of Nar Shaddaa telling me off every time I did a kind act, saying that I should just leave everyone to suffer, and saying I should help the Exchange bully the Refugees.

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Sort of like Mandalore and his background, although much of his story may not be directly related to the Force.

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I thin Kreia's was the best, because it contained many different facets of Keria's past life, but it always gave you no furthar info on where Kreia came from, or Revan for that matter.

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So his exchange with Kreia on Dxun does not count as that?

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Victims live a life of fantasy.


Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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It has to be Atton, tho Mira/Hanharr do have some.

HK and Mandalore are all K1. The Handmaiden has a biut, as does Bao-Dur, but not that much. Visas has none, and i dont think i got anything out of G0-T0 really. Kreia doesnt have any kind of backstory, except one single movie-not a touch on all you can tug out of Atton.

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If you do DS things, Kreia equally despises you.


No, not really. She only despises you if you act like a rampaging bully instead of a clever manipulator. For instance: if leave Vrook in his prison with the mercenaries and help them out, Kreia likes that. Nevertheless, it gives you DS points. Also, on Nar Shadaa, Kreia suggests that they make life miserable for the refugees so as to meet the Exchange. That's still DS, too. However, Kreia never seemed to like it whenever you did something "too good" or selfless. For instance, she criticizes you when you helped return Lootra's wife to him.


Kreia doesn't really care if you do evil things, she mostly prefers for you to use your brain over brawn. :thumbsup:

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