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  1. I think it is possible to get, but you need basically max. influence. Revan was Kreia's apprentice at some point, so she did know him. Also, I think that you hear the council saying that 'she' didn't train 'him' properly, referring to Kreia and Revan. Some members of the order blamed Revan's fall to the darkside on Kreia.
  2. Sumo Joe, why exactly are you resurrecting old polls? You're bringing back polls that haven't been posted on for 8 months or so! However, to answer the question, Darth Traya.
  3. Peragus II is a planet. It is very rich in a low-grade, extremely explosive fuel. The first attempts to mine this fuel from the planet's surface resulted in a massive explosion which blew half the planet into orbit, as an asteroid field. The mining efforts continued, but now they mined the asteroids, resulting in the mining station where the Ebon Hawk ends up, on the asteroid you are probably thinking of as Peragus.
  4. I meant that the male ending includes the bit where the other Handmaidens go into Atris' room. The bit where Brianna kills the others is later. I'm fairly sure the bit where Kreia tells the Handmaidens to go to Atris is included, as I remember seeing it, and I've only played male PC before, as I am on my first female PC now, and I'm in the palace on Onderon right now, at the bit where you need to get to Kiph to stop him interfering when you open the door, so I can't have seen it in the female ending.
  5. Probably just another aspect of the ending left unresolved because the time constaints of wanting to publish for a christmas release. The same thing happens in the male ending if I remember right. OE may have intended to resolve it, but had to recycle the male ending. Well, that's my guess.
  6. Were you using the airspeeder when you left the refugee quad? If so, take the speeder back to the quad, and walk out the front door. This should trigger the cutscene with the Red Eclipse Slavers and the Toydarian at the docks. You'll get the quest warning you not to leave the Ebon Hawk unattended for too long. Head back to the Hawk and kill the Red Eclipse leader in that room on the way to the ****pit. If you haven't already got Visas Marr, this will trigger the duel with her. Defeat her, and after the dialogues that follow, leave the ship. Try to walk away back to the main area of the Refugee
  7. To get Vrook, you need to go to the back of the enclave sub-level to the room where the Disciple is. Go to the very back of that room opposite the door, where there are a load of corpses and you'll get a message that they look like they've been killed by a lightsabre. Search the corpses to find a datapad about Azkul's (I think it's him) orders. Your journal will be updated, telling you to go to the kinrath cave, where you'll find a mercenary camp where they're holding Vrook in a force cage. Kill the mercs and he'll get angry because you ruined his plans, and go off back to Khoonda. Exit the ca
  8. Flurry if I'm using a melee weapon, Rapid Fire if I'm using a party member with a blaster rifle. Force Powers: Force Crush, if playing DS, Force Storm if playing LS (Even though it's a DS power)
  9. I don't think it helped your experience of the swoop tracks that you are the "Bug Magnet", as you wrote in the Amusing Glitches thread on the Spoilers Forum. I think that it's intentional that it's impossible to lose this track after you take on the droid. Anyway, my favourite track is Onderon. I liked the 'Medievil-ish' style, as Styur put it.
  10. Coruscant - I just like the bustling metropolis planets, but I didn't like Nar Shaddaa too much because of all the refugees and the like - It was just a bit depressing, and I hated the humans in Taris Upper City, particularly the racist who wanted to form a crusade against the aliens. They were so full of themselves (well, most of them - there were some nice people, like the guy in the medbay), that they deserved to die. Despite the amount of support for Tatooine, I wasn't that keen on it, particularly in the KotOR games - the endless wastes annoyed me no end.
  11. Personally, by my 2nd playthrough I didn't like Taris, because I knew that I couldn't be Jedi until Dantooine, and I only had 20 levels to play with, so I found myself trying to fight my way through while using as few levels as possible. I just wanted to get to the Enclave and become a Jedi
  12. I don't see everybody's problem with Manaan - I quite liked it. It was peaceful, it looked nice... quite honestly, if I had to pick a KotOR planet to live on, it would be Manaan. KotOR2 Korriban was my least favourite - such a bad way of getting out of the hole of being unable to finish M4-78, just hacking off huge chunks off a KotOR1 planet. It was quite good in K1, as well.
  13. Yoda's is probably the worst, but I like his messed-up word order. Jar-Jar is just annoying though, so my vote goes to him, and I have no idea who the bartender is, never having played Jedi Outcast, only Jedi Academy.
  14. Where do you get the pacifist package? I've heard about it, but never acquired it.
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