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Who's your favourite Star Wars wookiee?

Who's your favourite SW wookiee?  

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  1. 1. Who's your favourite SW wookiee?

    • Chewbacca
    • Zaalbar
    • Hanharr
    • Lowbacca
    • Tyvokka
    • Chuundar
    • Freyyr
    • Tarfful
    • I hate those furry little ****s

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I was looking through all the items and I saw one for the favourite droid.

When I saw this I thought, 'What about the wookiees? they're arguably the most important species apart from humans.' So I set up this.

Please vote and state who and why, and please-no complaints about the idea; it was just a thought. :(


My favourite is probably Tarfful, tho I like Hanharr (psycho) and Zaalbar.

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Chewbacca...as I grew up with the old SW movies :)


Chewbacca...I also grew up with him, and I always want to know what exactly he says in tough spots! (Wookies are notorious potty mouths Georgei boy said. That's why there has never been a translater in the films.)



(200 th post!) (w00t)

(Marine Axiom)

Sweat Dries

Blood Clots

Bones Heal


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