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  1. K1- I used the guy with the shaved head and the scar. K2- I used the dude with shaved head and the little beard thing. They both look pretty much the same except one had brown hair and the other one had black hair.
  2. Korriban and Malachor I guess, compared to all the other planets they were a lot darker.
  3. I've always liked HK alot but Mandalore and T3 are pretty awesome too.
  4. I always do Korriban first and then the rest of the planets in whatever order.
  5. That's my point, if the game's too easy for him he's better off just playing something different rather than trying to make the game harder " or maybe he just really likes KotOR I dunno.
  6. Bastila, even though I'd probably go with Visas if they showed her face
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