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Best 3-team combo

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A spinoff of "Things you wish your character would say", I was thinking how cool it is to actually have a 3-person squad under your control to do your bidding. Post what your favourite combo is and why.


I'll start by saying a combo of Mira, Handmaiden and Visas are the best for obvious reasons (Charlie's Angels ain't got anything on them). Mira should be able to handle explosives and computers, Handmaiden owns in combat and health while Visas handles repairs and stealth.


Someone needs to make a dark wallpaper of the ladies silhouettes with their sabers standing out in the darkness :mellow:

Spreading beauty with my katana.

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Since I usually play a female Exile, I agree with the above with a small change: Disciple/Visas/Mira. That was the team I sent to the Sith camp on Dxun. Like Handmaiden, Disciple has a lot of health, but as a Consular, he has more Force points. Since he's very simple to convert to a Jedi, you can regulate the health/Force balance by giving him a certain amount of Soldier levels before the Force training.

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Mira, Mandalore, and Kreia


Mira = awesome ranged character

Mandalore = awesome melee OR ranged character

Kreia = good buffer, and if necessary, can spam with force storm

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Mandalore? Ranged? I thought low dexterity makes him pretty useless as a ranged fighter. And I never take him except when I'm forced to, because I hate it that he cannot be converted into a Jedi and I cannot change his armor.

How about T3, HK-47 and G0-T0? The lack of a good melee fighter would be a problem, but I can almost imagine it as a cartoon series.  (Preferably G0-T0 should die in every episode)
ROFL :D. Actually, a comic series would be a good and implementable idea, especially if using in-game graphics (like the Fear the Physics series for Half-Life 2).
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Are we talking K2 characters only, or characters from both game?


I guess mine (from K2) would be:


Mira (probably the best at ranged combat)

Handmaiden (great for melee and unarmed combat)

Visas (using her force powers and a lightsaber)


And of course, all three are hot as well. It's just like Charlie's Angels. :)

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I'm not gonna boast that this is the best team, but it works for me and is more of a team "theme" like the Charlie's Angels above.

When dealing with trivial enemies like Mercs and Animals, I choose "the Blaster Boys" which in K1 was Carth/Canderous and in K2 is HK/Atton (who later got replaced with Mira...)


I would take care of the Melee combat.


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I would Bring Prolly Atton Mira and Visa cuz Atton is a bad *** and mira is a Jedi and Visa cuz she Kick @ss

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Mandalore, Kreia, Mira, Handmaden. Is Bao that great of a fighter I have played the game twice and I couldn't even get him to become a jedi all he says is hello general. I went up to him at least 1000 times and thats it except at the end the last few times I was on the Hawk he said he felt different and he told me to come by later and I did and he still wouldn't say. Also with Atton I tried to comfront him but I didn't have enough influence cause I think I screwed up the order I was supposed to get it. From where I was it was practicly impossible to gain influence. :-

I pitty the fool who don't have the force.

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There are so many ways to approach this ... however, I'm going with a 1x male, 1x female, 1x droid, with 1x jedi mix for all possibilities (plus, while I like the "Charlie's Angels" team, a good mix of demographics and backgrounds would make for a better story)


Badass combat team:

- Mandalore (Incredibly strong in-fighter, and pretty good with the appropriate feats/items and dual blaster wield)

- HK-47 (Assassination protocols give bonus damage to criticals - dual keen disrupter pistols all the way - plus great comic relief)

- Mira (converted to Jedi - the "best bounty hunet on Nar Shadda" AND a capable LSaber fighter, plus enough force powers to keep everyone at their best)


Sneaky "infiltrate against all odds" team:

- Bao Dur (not converted to Jedi ... skills capabilty beyond comparison)

- G0-T0 (can go stealth, there to tackle the computer systems and droids Bao Dur can't handle, and can trick other droids onto your side - added bonus of character conflict between G0-T0 and Bao Dur's remote)

- Visas (select skills to improve carefully, but divide LS and DS force powers evenly and keep CHA high to offset FP cost ... if only she could raise her veil and seduce her way into places, howevr, with Kelly Hu's voice, she could seduce her way in by comlink)


Traditional Star Wars Light Side Team:

- Handmaiden (converted to Jedi ... badass LSaber fighter, enough force powers to keep things interesting)

- T3-M4 (quirky but loyal astromech droid, with skills to get the team out of trouble and enough combat capability to hold his own - especially with his shock arm and auto-repair module)

- Atton (some character conflict with Handmaiden, but nothing serious ... maxed in dueling for good ranged and melee capability)


Traditional Star Wars Dark Side Team:

- Hanharr (wookie rage, can smash through nearly anything)

- HK-47 (see above)

- Visas (max DEX, max Stealth, LSaber finesse with a double saber will make for impressive visuals, and max DS Force powers)

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Guest MacleodCorp

For my female character:

Visas/Mira - Kreia on backup.


For my male character:

Visas/Handmaiden - Mira on backup

(I usually let the game decide when I should use Kreia.)

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