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  1. He was an okay character, but I thought it was strange how someone with such a high standing in another organization would join your party. Having Mandalore paling around with you was enough of a stretch.
  2. I'm having the same problem. Anyone know how I can sign on to xbox live from an original xbox title? EDIT: I'm not having so much instability that my copy is unplayable, it's just really annoying right now. I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me where this patch is. I know there is a patch to make your 360 backwards compatible and I know I have that patch, otherwise I couldn't play TSL at all. I'm just wondering if there are any subsequent patches or if the patch all of you are all referring to is the backwards compatibility patch.
  3. That was mentioned before, apparently Wookiees can't be Jedi or Sith. Thats why Hannar in TSL isn't a potential Jedi. George Lucas said they can't be Jedi because they are very emotional people. I think this also makes a good prerequisite to becoming a Sith, though.
  4. Technically, the control beast thing is a still in the game. Remember how those red sith commando's could control those Boma on Dxun and Iziz using only the force?
  5. I want to flame you so badly, but instead I will say this. If this is really to judge the worst alien name, then why did you put Quarrens in poll even though you didn't know their name? You suggest they should be judged under other circumstances.
  6. Jealousy had nothing to do with it. Anakin's fall was damn near inevitable, where as strong with the force and physically able, his mind was weak and susceptable to the workings of Darth Sidious..and Sidious knew this from the very start. Love is forbidden because of its emotional entanglements. Love is a powerful emotion, one that can defer your thoughts from better judgment, much like anger can. The Jedi preach of being mindful of your thoughts, extreme emotions block judgment and without that better judgment you cannot make clear choices or you hesitate to make them, and that ca
  7. They will all die anyways, and so will you and everyone you know
  8. It's inferred that the Exile is going to find Revan in the unknown regions but I'm going to assume that the final revision of the ending implied that... A. Most of the party didn't go with him to Malachor at all and took a breather after defending Citadel station or ventured there on their own. B. They managed to survive all the trashings that the Ebon Hawk took while wedged in that rocky canyon and are going with him to the Unknown regions, which might not coincide with all of Kreia's fortellings of your party members.
  9. Deadlynightshade seemed to have thought I found it rather difficult to find...
  10. They(I) were(was) disconnected from the rest of the remnants of the Jedi Vouncil, they were all scattered across different war-torn worlds and told not to meet until they gathered enough intelligence on the enemie's movements. If they were to gather or move, they would endanger any world that they settled on. It's plausible they were misinformed, when we meet each of them in KOTOR II they were all pretty confounded.
  11. He was probably just mistaken and simply assumed Vandar went on the mission. Maybe he never got word about his ship being destroyed in the DS ending.
  12. It's kind of hard not to find it, even during your first play through.
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