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  1. oh man, the first time i played it i didnt stop until i beat it-talk about exhausted mind afterwords, so like 30 hours. i did the same thing with halo2, and halo for that matter. although those took me like 3-4 days each or somethin like that.
  2. well since this is kotor related, and not really a spoiler because everyone wants to know, im asking this to the good people who work at obsidian, and the true fans ok kotor-everybody here who dealt with LA **** fondling us with razors. PLEASE anything related, rumors, spoilers, what Id really like tho is if someone from obsidian has heard anything about whether kotor will be continued. so. does anybody at all know if kotor 3 is still there or if its just discontinued, being considered, in the works, anything? this question is mainly to the people who work at obsidian, i mean u gotta know something, you worked with lucas arts a little didn't you? and ur in the gaming industry so u must at least hear rumors from ur fellow developers and producers right? and for everyone here, post links to articles, or the articles themselves, or w/e u find. of just call me a ass for even posting this.
  3. nur i competely agree with you. I heavily dislike revan. like you said, in kotor all they do is **** you're ego when ur revan with how powerful and brilliant you were, and most of all, i hated absolutely hated manaan. plus the starforges potential was kind of wasted, all it was was a gaping hole with walkways and catwalks. for a race attuned to the force, it didnt look very forcefull. no meditation chambers, at least that we could see, all we could see was a damn shaft. i dont know, revan just annoys me becuz its that typical starwars persona everyone digs into. w/ anakin i can understand-hes the chosen one so naturally hes a war hero, obi-wan-luckiest jedi ever, practically non raped by the eu writers, luke-hes supposedly the best jedi ever or w/e but he doesnt consider himself a hero, which is the type of character I'd rather play. It annoyed me so much how everything is connected to revan, the guy who had a rusty mask, and who ran off into the unkown regions to...we dont know what. for once id like to play a decently powerful jedi who has nothing reall expected of him/her, ur choices sculpt him/her into the jedi or sith you want him/her to be, i mean we cant really personalize our character the way we'd like becuz in kotor you have to have essential feats and if you dont modd or cheat then u only have a few feats or attributes to customize ur pc with without making the pc too weak. in k2 my guy never really stood out w/ anything. mainly his force powers were storm,heal,persuade,kill,drain,aura,speed, etc. idk i guess there isnt really a "perfect" rpg. one thing for k3 tho id like to see is ascension thru the ranks of the jedi/sith padawan-knight-master acolyte-sith-sith lord
  4. the remaining masters were arrogant and foolhardy, kavar was just arrogant. no relationship, he just said what he said when he wanted becuz he felt more important than her in a way
  5. ya kno kreia did say revan visited her before he/she left. maybe he visited her on m5
  6. ebon hawk? wait if theres a crashed ebon on malachor 5, thats been there for awhile-u can see dirt coming from beneath the panels, and you have a ebon hawk, does that mean revan came to malachor 5 and crashed? and then grabbed another ebon?? or perhaps a sith fighter?? wtf mates. maybe the sith fortress there recreates them. iono the final battle arena somewhat reminded me of malaks room on the starforge becuz of the walkway to kreia and the gaping way down, beside the pillar/w/e thing kreia was on. but im probably wrong. w/e
  7. if ur intelligence is high enough u can figure it all out, i remember my exile got to where the signal was coming from, but for some reason i couldnt tell the bitch. ahem bith*
  8. doesnt the story line seem like a copy of the original kotor- the star forge/ JOVA- what kind of name is that anyway? sounds like an intergalactic coffee house or something. and it seems very...idk all i can say is good luck. i just dont see this kind of game AFTER return of the jedi. doesnt seem right. idk its better than those ridiculous plots for after return of the jedi on supershadow. i have to hold down my puke everytime i read that ****.
  9. i voted for scion, even vader would be like "dude ur pretty ****ed up(breathe)....take this card...its my masters and(breathe) he'll get u the hook up, you know the cape, breathing(breathe)knobs that have no apparent (breathe) usage, and a kickass helmet. and boots.gotta have boots..(breathe).
  10. padme-its not her fault GL writes ****ty dialogue for romance "i dont like sand" :">
  11. well i cant in good conciousness say darth vader/ anakin of episode 3-i still have enormous respect for anakin, i always liked him better than obi because obi was just lucky and anakin had to work incredibly hard for anything because expectations were always on him to be the wonderful chosen one. So i voted sidious because he created darth vader-post anakin gettin pissed off by obi wan, the rest of the time he was half being decieved. also palps lived for a long time, and while the other sith were cool, the winner normally goes out to the one who lives in the whole jedi vs. sith fight
  12. hahaha count dooku.....in episode 3 he cracked me up-did u see his face when ani cut off his hands, and then his face! ahahahaha. anyway the kotor series has not at all been a waste. as a matter of fact its a nice new breach of hope in a a genre where around 75% of the starwars games are based around the movies. i mean lets face it who wants to fight for the alliance/empire fifty billion times. so i love teh kotor series because of the freedom it has to do w/e.
  13. I know, it was bad enough he left to go fight somewhere else(or not) but now we had a game(albeit a very good game) with an old blind lady and a freak stalking him and the whole time the freak was being stalked by the women on his ship, and he was also being stalked by all the bounty hunters in the galaxy. So the whole Revan thing kinda pissed me off
  14. do you guys really think George Lucas and the upper executives who do not play video games at all really care what happens to kotor? seriously while its one of their best games LA always seems to put out mostly ****ty games relating to GL's movies. And none of the petitions or protesting we can do will force George Lucas to make Kotor if he doesnt want too. face it the kotor series is like pocket change to him, he couldnt care less, and the upper executives are just interested in money and keeping their positions. deal with it, grow up. this is why i hardly ever venture into these forums anymore. later
  15. it explodes becuz its programming failed it or somethin. a fail safe to make sure the exile doesnt see it
  16. haha it was a good scene too. lots of querys and statements
  17. READ THIS you know, when you all talk about the nihilus/ exile creation, you seem to forget about yin and yang. every reaction has an opposite reaction. theres the lightside of the force, darkside and gray side technically. anyways when the exile cut himself off the force most likely knew about it....sounds weird anyway when the exile cut himself off if he most likely created a temporary void, and im willing to bet nihilus, who also was resisting somehow, "fell" into said foid, mentally, therefore causing nihilus to be the creature he is now. it just seems a little obvious that nihilus was one of the exiles opposing reactions. although I do support the fact that exile needs to turn to darkside, because if youve all read traiter- probly the non-pansiest starwars book, jacen solo falls to the ds but becuz he mentally decides not to kill, he doesnt. and the exile will most likely turn because its necessary for him to do so, as did revan.
  18. i never thought of adhesive grenades...lol and to think of all the meds i wasted on mire from close(ish) range combat...man i feel kinda like a dousche
  19. haruka ur post was pretty tight, welcome to the kotor message boards, although would the game fit thru the toilet hole?
  20. my play thru is like that now, im a 15 sentinel and 4 watchman and the best i get are padawan robes still??? wtf mate
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