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  1. how come i didnt get anything by helping general valku on onderon...he said that i will recieve all that i have been promised but then the minute he stops talking it switches to the cutscene of me leaving onderon...did i do the planets in the wrong order or is this just a big bug?? p.s i did onderon last of all the planets and killed all the jedi masters
  2. i know you have to use the juice on the hounds but how do you make vogga look away..i suspect you need to get a dancer but where do you find her....is it the dancer that you buy on telos????
  3. when i get a prestige class do i begin at level 1. i:e lv 15 gaurdian but lv 1 sith lord, also my feat progression as a gaurdian says fast but it seems that i get feats at the same rate at krei, even though she gets like 2 force powers a level can somone explain this
  4. im fighting darth traya but i am not a sith lord, doesnt she make you into one of the prestige classes!! i also didnt get to finish the greatest strenght greatest weakness dialouge.....darth traya isnt the end of the game is it!! if so i ****ed up bad help
  5. i really want force jump but i dont think the sentinal gets it, if i choose sith lord as prestige will he gain the force jump feat??
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