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  1. thats why i always do telos then dantooine, quickest way to get one in my opinion
  2. these boards used to be respectable....
  3. cyan is my new personal favorite if ls, orange if ds, if i go strict tho, then green
  4. i think it blows. k3 should either be played by revan or the exile. Mainly because of character development, and because the players feel a need to know where and what Revan is doing in the unknown regions
  5. im gettin stoked about the lightsaber moves in the episode 3 video game, u can move like they do in the movies not the normal square dance fighting in kotor and other starwars lightsaber battles
  6. i hate hanharr, i was ds then pulled myself to ls right after the whole hanharr threatening mira in the docks thing, but now im on onderon again, and i still dont have a prestige level, which pisses me off. So a word of advice: if ur ds and dont want hanharr, ur prett much stuck with him even if u change to ls, get mire then go to ls again, i think i screwed my game now. O well the 7th playthru sucks for some reason, i think that the random generator broke this time....
  7. meh, its a good ending, but disapointing in that the entire game feels very....short... u kno? also id rather play the exile or Revan rather than a padawan, look at it this way: a true sith lord with powers-some which there are no defense remember is getting beatin by a padawan with maybe 6 years of training, any chance of winning? NOPE.(look at the anakin dooku duel if u wanna outside view of it). If u make the storyline more flexible, put in some detail rather than the etch-a-sketch u got right now then it might be a 7.5-8 out of 10
  8. dude nur's been here for a very long time, i got to the forum about 2 months after him, which i think was either may or june. I just dont post alot so i tend not to judge ppl by the amount of posts they have, but i kno for a fact that nur knos alot more than u do about star wars, im not callin u a retard, just accept it like a small feminin man in prison.
  9. lol, kinda caught myself in a rant...regardless pc'rs get to do more
  10. NO NO NO **** NO HELL NO NO WAY IN HELL NO NO NO seriously that post contradicts half of what most rpg's are, u get to choose ur gender in them, and the name of the game cannot pertain to one certain path u **** nut.
  11. which sites do u think have the best stuff to get cheats and hints from?
  12. theres alot of hate for hayden christenson in here, yet none of u guys mention anything of the son of a bitch kid who played him in episode 1, i HATED the dialogue for him. And the reason anakin complains alot is because he always felt held back by the council- they did hold him back, some what. In episode 3 anakin recieves a seat on the council by,,,, guess who? Palpatine who all the while whispers in anakins ear, which makes anakin even more power hungry, for thats what he always wanted, power, control of the galaxy, so he could balance it his way.
  13. dude im an x-box user, we paid more for the game, we only got 2/3's of the content and a ****ty ending, u paid around 30 for it, two months later, u get a patch that gives u the completed game, so dont give me that last laugh ****.
  14. lol dude u do kno that palpy was around 300 years old, and yoda was goin on 900 years when they had their duel, and besides yoda taught luke saber combat some how, other wise he'd have fought all retarded. Sidious is more powerful...technically cuz he kinda fought yoda to a stalemate then yoda, probly loses thru some dark power no one knos about, and decides to find obiwan REVAN SUCKS BALLS!! POWERFUL MY ASS!!
  15. Fables out, you can kill an entire town if u want. A free roaming kotor series would be good for after K3. the trilogy now just doesnt have an opening for it. Later on would probly be ur team of jedi and mercenaries chosen by you in a series of cantina visits, searching the unkown regions for information on planets, other empires, making treaties or even playing god and play both sides of a squable between planets
  16. all the phantom menace was was bad dialogue, GL needs to give his actors more freedom of speech. Episode 2 was sparse with the speech wincing, the whole love scene was BS, i dont like sand. What really just PISSED ME OFF and ruined my tone of mood for the entire movie was "good call my young padawan" i hate that line with a passion. i was never a fan of C3-P0. Ans besides, women dont like the whole innocent attitude unless the dude looks like a model, women like dudes who make them laugh, and do stuff that scares the crap out of em or throws them off balance, trust me on this one, it works.
  17. I didnt do it DONT TOUCH MY PURSE STAY AWAY FROM YM WIFE YOU AINT NO WIFFLE BALL PLAYA you'd look good on a mantle. i told you if i dont get my way!-its from this episode 3 spoof from the internet, its kinda funny
  18. i still think that yoda doesnt really count, i mean wouldnt u kickass if u trained for 900 years? my order: sidious: trained Maul, managed to get his lightaber thru the metal detectors in the senate anakin: defeats Dooku, fights obi wan to a stand still, very very tough obi: defense rules him, he doesnt go on the offensive very much as maul owned him when he did that windu: his technique rules maul:Bdl lightsaber, nuff said qui-gon: if he didnt get so tired and waited for obi, he woulda lived dooku-he was trained by qui-gon and probly shared some of his weaknesses
  19. great stuff that theyre workin on, but im still doin my petition at LA, basically im goin in, startin threads and flamin LA startin today. ****IN BASTARDS
  20. wow some of u guys have actually thought about usin the force persuade to get laid havent u? on a more fun not, id use it to manipulate gambling games, itd be fun to make ppl fold when my hand is really bad, but id also have to manipulate a fake id...o well. IF i realy did have the pwr, id probly use it to get laid, just because its hard enough gettin laid when girls bring along those ****in possies to prties, u kno, the hot girl always has freakin female bodyguards who act like guardians, and theres the drunk skank over there givin BJ's but u dont wanna get herpes or some ****. it sux
  21. this thread isnt getting anywhere. why doesnt someone who knos list and give descriptions of the best looking rank system for jedi?
  22. somethin i didnt add, pretty much any part anakin loses control i like, the evil eyes will be very awesome, and the way sidious seduces him to the dark side
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