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  1. everyone has more posts than me...man u ppl talk waaaay too much in these forums
  2. wtf i really was lookin forward to the droid factory.... <_<
  3. jolee shoulda lived..he was awesome personally i never liked the catbitch
  4. the ending just wasnt coherent, and you didnt really get any choice in ur doings after dantooine, it was just defend telos-what if dont want too? and kill nihilus-didnt even get anything good out of it, even in K1 when i killed that pansy bandon i got a lightsaber and armor
  5. wait why would vash be on the droid planet?-telos right
  6. u do realize that A) this topic has been done at leats 20 times, once by me, and B) the devs will lock it cuz its not in the right place
  7. LA always blocks me when i t try to go to that forum
  8. you know sinbreaker, sentinal and watchman has been broken down as the best class but w/e
  9. did u change ur alignment for a certain character and went back again? because i did that because i dont like hanharr, and wanted mire so i switched briefly and i never was able to get one
  10. ive always thought the ppl at LA were too un starwars to begin with, i have one word for them: DUMBASS
  11. kotor2:holy sith! kotor2: the care bears strike back
  12. maybe they can meet on a force dating game where kreia is choosing suitors, think aboot it. kreia: what are you're hobbies number two? number two(sion): i like cutting myself with razor blades, shoving my elders against pillars, and pain! kreia: most interesting.... and number one? number one(nihilus) WHARODNDONDFNDSFONFSD WHOOOSH! kreia: i dont speak alaskan, number three? number three(sidious) i enjoy making monstrous ball shaped machines that shoot lasers, also frying things with lighting and most of all, role playing! kreia: kinky...and you can cook!
  13. i liked visas better than handmaiden, although bastila was better because at least you got some family background and stuff
  14. i got so wasted on the fourth of july last night
  15. it doesnt really matter, the xbox demographic i still think is larger than the pc demographic
  16. -be able to learn force jump regardless of which ever class -lightsaber hilts and designs -cloak hoods -better loot generator -more interactive party -more customizable choices for alignment, kill at random -bounty hunters chase you if u kill alot of ppl -better graphics and facial expressions it could go on, but we got what we got so it doesnt matter
  17. well u have an interesting build up, never done it like that
  18. the "dizzle" is that it ****in got cut from the game
  19. thats great lord satasn but anyway, bastila was the most sexable character-she was easy. but i found haindmaidens bra and pantie match ups with me awesome, although visas's voice was hot
  20. yeah but the force armor looks gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy
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