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  1. i didnt read ur post right, i figured u were talking about a what if scenario, my bad. now i feel like a noob. time to go fill up the bathtub and plug in the toaster on the ledge...
  2. another good idea would be able to select the tiers of a certain power u want, as in the movie characters use wave and push, and sometimes when i have whirlwind i want to use push or something to that nature
  3. u kno i half expected this to be an interesting topic, sort of an open ended Q when i saw it in the forum
  4. i still dont believe it, remember when some **** on biowares forums said there was a sneak peek at k3 if u play the game like 6 times 3 female 3 male then breakdown of the paths u can take and everyone believed him for a little bit? so im not believing k3 till i see evidence
  5. or u could rely on the randomizer, everygame it starts to like one thing more than the other so u get about 30 lighting gloves or something. this time around i ended up with 523,693 credits and i have no clue how. if u want cheats to to gamefaqs.com i think they have the breakdown on spawning/fake leveling
  6. the robe looks kool, although it doesnt look like atris, and i doubt she woulda had alot of time for a wardrobe change/dye her hair be4 the exile comes to whup her ass.
  7. nothin like starwars to bring kids and adults together
  8. You scored as Mace Windu. You are most like Mace Windu. A celebrated Jedi master known for his unique combination of wisdom, temperance and foresight. You prefer the life of a scholar yet will charge into battle should the need arise. You created and utilize the Vaapad form for lightsaber combat. It combines the usage of The Force for acrobatic speed and precision found in Ataru, the defensive to offensive channel found in Shien/Djem So and a concentration of emotion often seen as a sign for falling to The Dark Side. You eventually are betrayed by Anakin Skywalker and are killed by Darth Sidious. Mace Windu 86% Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 79% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Post Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 71% Qui-Gon Jinn 71% Darth Revan 71% Yoda 71% Anakin Skywalker 68% Bastila Shan 64% Obi-Wan Kenobi (Pre Death of Qui-Gon Jinn) 64% Darth Sidious 61% Exar Kun 61% Darth Vader 54% Darth Maul 50% Luke Skywalker 43%
  9. why does everyone like revan so much? i just saw about 8 posts where ppl dont wanna play a hero and stupid stuff, when its pretty obvious that every starwars game has u playing a hero who's strong in the force, being a midlevel jedi just doesnt really cut it, ppl want to play heros becuz theyre idiots and how would a mediocre jedi learn so much about the force and topple the sith empire? regardless i thought the exile was better than revan, but if obsidian does k3, theyll develop the story better with him becuz they did a damn well good job w/ the story in k2. so i might switch later. becuz nothing about revan blew me away, in k1 it was like everyone had a hard on for revan, ooooh revan was so powerful, he was a whirlwind of power, he was a master tactician etc. i mean a little of its good but not that much glorification
  10. you kno whats kind of funny....everyone who wants to play ds starts out hangin on the ls just a tad, and the person makes the pc "fall" to the ds if he wants to play a ds prestige class or wants to be evil. im suprised no one caught that. these forums r gettin stale
  11. well wouldnt it be a problem if ur lightsaber gets detroyed while in combat? it happened to darth maul and anakin when he dual wielded, granted that wasnt his lightsaber, regardless if ur lightsaber gets destroyed it would more than likely go off
  12. yeah, LA always ****s up what could be games with enormous potential.
  13. ever since episode 3 ive started to like the blue color, and hated purple, mace is a dousche ppl. in the games i mostly do dual wield fierce aturu or juyo. i guess tho single blade cyan-it just looks good, with ataru, or the defensive one
  14. personally I'd love a new game engine for K3, and right now id personally like k3 to have a fable look to it, but thats just me, anyone else have ideas?
  15. thered be no reason not to do it, k2 had the same one cuz there was a time frame and it worked, now theres so much potential even if its more of a xbox 1.5 than 2
  16. awhile ago when the which was better comp or x-box flamin was still goin on, i bitched about how they got the patch and one of the comp users told me of how the patch doesnt let those glitches happen anymore
  17. i saw it last friday, it was tight as hell. mace really shows how much of a **** he is tho
  18. SPOILER SPOILERS dooku got beaten by yoda, who got beaten by sidious, but not due to saber skills, mace tho, beat sidious and would have killed him had it not been for *spoiler* Anakin who cuts off his arm(s) it happens fast, and sidious blasts him out a window. Dooku did go easyish on anakin tho, until anakin got pissed off. Obi wan only beat anakin because obi wans kind of a dousche in the last part of the film, which i will elaborate upon now, on mustafar, obi wan follows padme there when she goes after anakin to figure out wtf is goin on, in the movie you can tell she was about to get to him when obi wan came out, anakin got pissed and technically "killed" padme, cuz he thought her and obi wan were collaberating against him. They fight literally to a standstill, then obi wan gets higher ground, and since anakin is pissed cuz he thinks they manipulated his wife against him when he was tryin to "save" her, jumps up and obi wan cuts off his legs and flesh arm, and leaves him to be burned alive by lava. I still think sidious is the best cuz him and yoda never really finished theres but he does get an advantage
  19. yea K2's robes looked ALOT like the robes from the movies, which is what i like, i particularily liked the padawan robe coloring, but the dark jedi knight and jedi knight robes ruled. I wish there could be some incredibly good robes like the matuki and zeison stuff combined, but either black or the jedi brown color. In K3 if they make it you're jedi- if you start as one should have customizable robes, so you can choose colors,design to an extent, and if it should be strong in the force or attributes
  20. ok kalfaer, the carth comparisn thing was effed. mainly because you said hans, which while i kno u mean HAN to some it may seem like a techno-driven gay german. I liked: The Exile, bastila,Jolee,Visas,handmaiden,Mira,Canderous. Atton why? they all had pasts worth knowing. Kriea because i respect her views Neutral: Revan- I got sick and tired of him when u **** tampons kept doing those whose stronger Revan or Anakin polls. NO ONE CARES. Carth, who has a clearly defined motive, but more paranoid than a person on Acid and coke Hate-Juhani-bitches too much. IF shes in K3 im gonna give her the backhand. GOTO, annoyed me. Hanharr, just pissed me off, i dunno y
  21. youd think if theres no love thered be alot of sticky bedsheets in the teen dorms. Anyway, another reason jedi arent supposed to love is because they arent supposed to have attachments, so if they die, or are going to die, think clearly- this has actually been proven ppl. But that works both ways, ppl who are in a situation, aka anakin wants to stop padme from dying, so anakin "dies" technically in order to save the one he loves, and the new persona comes out. Then later on, vaders persona is broken by anakin because he can feel attachments again-love 4 luke and leia, and he sacrifices himself for them.
  22. lol while you guys finish as fast as possible Im tryin to waste as much as possible, i spent an HR using the Dxun sith assassin glitch- leveled up 3 or 4 times before i got bored, So basically im using every glitch i kno to level up high
  23. in the description it should be maker not make
  24. who here is gonna buy K3, because overall K2 was a good game and obsidian should make it again, post alot so whoever made the dont buy K3 thread will get pissed
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