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  1. She just needs some time. For example, when you take her with you on your first trip to Onderon, she strongly disagrees with you if you're light side and support Talia instead of Vaklu.
  2. If Visas was head of the party on Dxun, you can ask her when you return from your trip to Onderon. She awaits you outside the Ebon Hawk.
  3. You're right: what Kreia tells the Exile about intercepting the Harbinger cannot be completely true. The Harbinger went to the Hawk and Kreia must have known that the Sith boarded the Harbinger. When starting the prologue, T3 is badly damaged. However, there is an undamaged utility droid in the storage compartment of the Hawk. There is also a badly damaged HK-47 in the locked compartment. If the Republican soldiers had searched the Hawk thouroughly as they claimed, then surely they must have found him, and of course locked the compartment again.
  4. While both the Sith and Kreia were looking for the Exile, Kreia had an advantage on the Sith: she could locate the Exile by sensing his/her thoughts. The Sith however were at that time not able to sense the Exile, because he/she was weak in the Force. And since the Exile was locked in a sealed compartment, stealth Sith units had a problem opening it unseen, to check for the Exile. So although they were perhaps on board the Harbinger earlier than Kreia, they couldn't locate the Exile earlier. And besides being able to use stealth, Kreia has another advantage on Sith: she can make herself u
  5. After the previous posts, I was no longer sure about what exactly happened on the Harbinger, so I looked up some dialog fragments. When the Exile first meets the Hk-50 droid on Peragus: [Exile] - But how did I get from the Harbinger to here? [HK-50] - Recitation: Following the unusual set of coincidences that led to the cascade failure in the Harbinger's systems, we were boarded by a small freighter with unknown ID codes. [HK-50] - It appeared that this freighter had been attacked, and the captain wanted to study it. This freighter appeared to still be spaceworthy. [HK-50] - Y
  6. I find that unlikely He tells you when you talk to him on Peragus... He seduced the exile, locked him up in the Ebon Hawk... And why he fled? Because the Sith also wanted to have you, but HK didn't want to hand the Exile over to the Sith, but to his Exchange bosses... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So it all comes down to who you believe more... - A unreliable murdering protocol doid who tells you he brought you to the Hawk; - Or a manipulative ex-Jedi/Sith, who tells you that "We were able to rescue you and bring you to the Ebon Hawk", in the dialog on the Hawk when fleeing
  7. They had a deadline to catch. And if you are short on time, you cut out things that aren't complete yet, and you leave things in that are already made. So those "important scenes that left major plot holes" were probably not scripted/tested yet, and those "rarely-used side-quest" were.
  8. That's also a possibility, but Kreia tells you that she was able to trace your thoughts and locate you in the sealed compartment on the Harbinger. That suggests to me that she did actually move you from the Harbinger to the Hawk. See also the next point. I find that unlikely. Agreed, HK drugs you (with a delayed sedative, according to the medical terminal's log) and locks you in a sealed compartment. But then he starts to cripple the Harbinger to interrupt it's hyperspace flight and wait for outside (Exchange?) help. He tells you so on Peragus. He also tells you there, that the arrival of t
  9. Kreia was following the Harbinger with the Ebon Hawk, because she knew the Exile was on board of the Harbinger. She sent a distress signal when she was attacked by a Sith warship. Perhaps she was using the situation to lure to Harbinger to the Ebon Hawk. When the Harbinger crew boarded the Ebon Hawk, they found no-one alive, according to the Harbinger's logs. Perhaps the other crew members of the Hawk were killed by the Sith warship encounter (I don't remember them wearing Republic uniforms, so I don't think the bodies T3 finds in the prolog are fled soldiers, as suggested by another post
  10. The repair skill of the exile is used. For best results, increase it to 20.
  11. I never remember this option in KOTOR 1. Where exactly do you start in the game then? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You still start on the Endar Spire, but all the annoying feedback, like how to find your gear or pick a lock, can be switched off. Makes that level a lot faster and less annoying.
  12. You can switch that off: some game option in the Feedback menu, I think.
  13. But in Kotor you also have the option to start a conversation by yourself. You don't need to 'wander around', waiting for a convo. Often, when I'm between two fights and need to restore my force points, I just start talking to someone.
  14. One of the bodies in that room has a holo recording. Once you have it in your inventory, go to the console and select the menu option 'play movie', or something like that. That will show the movie.
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