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  1. Foun another bug. If you use the Jyo form together with master flurry and master speed you shouldgt an additional 5 attacks. I only get 2
  2. I found this news at www.starwarsknights.com. http://www.globetechnology.com/servlet/sto...BNStory/AtPlay/ So what should we ake of this? EDIT: gamebanshee has posted about it as well.
  3. I found these two pictures on the forum click01 click02 How do I activate this scene it is on peragus but how do you activate it?
  4. I once got 5 krath holy battle suits in 1 play through.
  5. This is about the missing husband quest on Nar Shaddaa. Lootra is the name of the husband and Adana is his wife. Well went I first met Lootra I killed him, earning me Ds points. So I thought, let's be cruel, I told his wife that Lootra was wating for her, that he was still alive. Strangely this earned my LS points. When I entered Lootra's room I saw Adana. She thanked me for bringing her husband back to her. BUT Lootra was nowhere! I killed him? So why is she thanking me?
  6. I was leveling up HK-47 when I noticed he could posses a feat called droid interface. According to the meun it allow the droid to talk to other droids who don't understand a sentient language. It sounds cool. But what does it do?
  7. It's for the first game. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Then why did I got this ability in the second game?
  8. I Found something while using KSE. I added all feats to my character and found he also got a feat got Battle Meditation. (yep, a feat not a force power) The feat is ristrictid to Bastila (???) It can turn the tide's in major battles or something or so it says. In the end it just downs't do anyhing.
  9. Killed me? If you now Morrowind lore then you know that Deadra's can not be killed only banished. And as I have said. The Bloodmoon will rise again and my hounds will walk the lands again. Let this world enjoy it's brief release, for Hircine will hunt again
  10. Spoilers below. Dont read further if you don't want to spoil your game. I have found a way to make HK a bit more peacefull. spoilers!!!!!!!! After I had completed Dxun and Dantooine I let Geeda the merchant on Nar Schadda set up trade relations with both planets. To my suprise she had some thing called a hk droid pacifist package for sale. I though maybe it's an upgrade for HK-47 so I bought it. I talked to him and installed the part. The HK-47 I got was quite....... different to the normal one. Has a
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