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  1. Well as said before, it dosent matter if i made a typo or not, the KSE works perfectly.
  2. i know how to get more people to sign, ill go post this link in another forum. I think we should post this link fo the petition in many forums, dont ya think?
  3. ill sign it!!! give me a link
  4. yea can everyone just stop complaining about my impatience (i was kind of in a hurry, my apologies). Well i couldnt have mispelled it since i copied it and pasted it into the ini file. But problem sloved thanks to the KSE!!! That thing rocks....
  5. no its not that, its just people would of answered by now. Thanks for helping
  6. I own the PC version of KOTOR 2 (and the xbox version) and i went to some cheat code websites since i heard of "spawning items" but i went to multiple websites and each of them said a different thing!! The only thing that remained the same was the part where u must add the line EnableCheats=1 to the Game Options subsection. I did that (i added the line on top of the rest, is that a problem?) and one website said to press "~" and another said to press "`". It also said that the command prompt will not appear... which it didnt.... Gamewinners.com said to press Tab is show the commands... but it
  7. What is ur fav Robe?? Mines are the Dark Jedi Master Robe, but i dont usually come across it. I also need to find out where it is usually found.
  8. But when u kill the last of the 3 ubese, do u IMMEDIATELY run to the wall, cause if u stop and then run to the wall it dosnet work. And also, what are the options the cheat node has?
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