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  1. thats y u only buy games LA SPONSORS, and doesnt make. otherwise they find a way to make it for kids even though their largest fanbase is teen and up because theyre retarded. Face it, most kids dont like starwars. Im 16 and i kno like 3 ppl who like it at my high school, but theyre those kids who never speak and wear invader zim shirts and ****.
  2. Handmaidens wrestles you in her underwear, which is as close to getting laid in the game as u get, besides the force sex w/ visas
  3. i'd go to war then once i made a big enough name for myself, run off in my starfighter with some jedi and troops who follow me and train somewhere in the unknown regions, stay there and become as powerful as possible, then Id establish control, or become an army for hire for the time being.
  4. maybe they can choose to cut theit hair? ooooooooooooooooooooohh
  5. it also depends on what class u choose at the start. If consular i normally go with marauder b/c u already have force powers y not get more feats and attributes while ur at it? guardian needs either sith lord or assassin, you could do marauder if you like using medpacs all the freakin time sentinel can do w/e
  6. yeah, Malak was just too dumb to orchestrate that
  7. most wookies dont have the temperment to be jedi, they are force sensitive tho
  8. the only reason i put it in this forum is because the topics r gettin stupid and repetitive.
  9. ill give some feats and a force power cuz they interwine force power: lightsaber focus: The character focuses the force through the energies of the lightsaber granting +8 to attack and +8 to defense. Lightsaber knowledge: The player has gained new knowledge of the jedi order and now has the ability to create and modify lightsabers to his or her choosing. lightsaber strike, Lightsaber fury: The character lashes out with the full power of the lightsaber, demoralizing and granting an extra attack per round, if the PC has fury, they can stun the enemy unless they grant a will save.(This feat would also have its own signature attack move, i was thinking a swirling PC and depending on if they have other feats like focus, either they do a darth vader type attack on Luke in Empire strikes back-right before he cuts of his hand, or a complex chinese sword move, i forgot what it was called but it was made to counter the Katana, its longer and the user waves it in complex patterns to confuse their enemy. Basically a Mace Windu type attack.)
  10. Im lookin forward to it, and the forums r gettin quiet so i figure y not get some discussion in with a topic that hasnt been done to death.
  11. O yea, episode 3's lightsaber fighting looks to be really dynamic, and from what ive seen u can do what they do in the movies in the game
  12. you can play as either anakin or obi-wan bitches. im lookin forward to episode 3 and whats funny is that most of u ppl trashin it havent done any research on whats really goin down. Episode 3 isnt as dark as i would have especially wanted, but for some reason to me it fits. I kinda like episodes 1-3 as much, if not more, than the old saga. Just read the script and look at stuff on it online.
  13. i liked the game, character interaction was good, i actually had a use for them this time, and the side quests from them depended on how much u use and talk to them, in the last one, all that mattered was what level u were or the quests just came right at u, AKA juhani, and the best one of k1, sides bastila, JOLEE-manaan and the court thing. Also this game gives ur pc more options than the old one, which granted they had to cuz it was a sequel but they did the extra work i think even though it was rushed, to make the choices as good as possible.
  14. i wouldnt really care if they changed it as long as they make the combat more dynamic, see what i think is ur pc should invest in 4 main lightsaber combat forms, then the entire game ur pc gets his own signature moves,stances,movement, etc. Also more movement and complex attacks and lightsaber flourishes. While on combat i still think k3 should have the darth maul dbl lightsaber type option where u can keep one or two blades on. just looks kooler
  15. there doesnt have to be a real reference to Plagious, maybe ur pc can learn a bonus power to give itself extra health boosts or something. But if we're talking about keeping ppl from dying, what about Revitalize?
  16. i kinda thought that sidious made up plagious because anakins weakness was wanting to keep those he loved from dying.
  17. dude in my fourth playthru-i havent played for a long time, im gettin a tid bored w/ everything. Anyway on the 4th one i got about 9 correlian powersuits. which is gay
  18. wtf i turn the page and its all communist stuff and religion
  19. mine seemed easiest w/ mandalore if u get him good blaster skills- ill explain l8r on, mira-i liked handmaiden to fight at the palace better, and visas with force storm but mandalore is what makes it easy cuz i switch back to him when we get to the sith guy who breaks the ritual and talks like a pedaphile.. becuz i get mandalore behind him and use flurry while theyre distracted by visas and mira
  20. the best robes i found to suit me were the matukis and my favorite, the gray jedi robes. Master robes seemed hard to get and i didnt like the armor
  21. its actually really easy but u can only do it once per workbench, or just once i dont really remember
  22. just dont let that vid get on ebaums or albinoblacksheep or somethin
  23. if u have the time then just keep loading and reloading till u get the combination u want...
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