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  1. I hated those puzzles. Never gave them any thought, just figured them out by trial and error or common sense. Math puzzles annoy those who were never good at math. The test at the Sith Temple was especialy tough when the "library" files were pretty much all deleted.
  2. You know, I thought I had tried that apathy route and it still gave me DS points, Ill give it another try just to be sure. Thanks guys.
  3. Got stuck with to many bugs on the good side so I decided to try out that bad side. Im quick to assume the resaon Im not able to advance is becuase of a glitch these days. Im supposed to meet with some guys to but some weapons off of me so that I can kill the Czerka exchange guy for the lady in the Cantina. Each time I approach the door someone inside tells me to leave my companions behind and then come back. Im in solo mode and my companions are at the other end of the complex but they keep telling me to ditch them and come back. Is this yet another bug or am I supposed to leave them somewhere specific?
  4. But will I regain them to the point I get that light force +3 again?
  5. K, here is another glitch. On the planet with the Sith Burial Ground. You make your way through the dark cave Kreia warned you about and take on the challenges from your past. When the part comes where you have to choose to attack her or defend her with your friends, if I choose to defend her (the only path that seems to grant light side points) when the battle is done, she stays there and if you talk to her again, you have to go through the same battles over and over. Naturaly, all the dark side paths work no problem. As it stands right now, I have full light side points and at the top its says light points +3. If i go through the dark side option, Im naturaly no longer at full light side points with the +3. There are many oppurtunitys in the game to gain light side points you dont really need so if I go on and just accept I have walked the dark side for a bit, can I regain the light points with the +3 later down the road?
  6. I honestly dont think it matters who you bring as long as you make sure you have T3M4 in your party. Get that kid into some good armor, up his blasters, get some implants in him and some re-usable shields, this droid is the only reason I made it past that temple at all. Even more so when you reach the end. If you make it to the end and cant finish it, ask me how I did it with this one, single droid after the rest of my party was killed.
  7. Well, the game seems to have fixed itself. Kinda weird. When I was first having problems, Master Vook stayed in his cage and nothing new was happening at the goverment building. I found a save game right before I went into the Konrath caves for the first time. Right off the getgo, things were different. the crazy arm guy commented on the atmospheric sensers, Master Vrook hopped out of his cage on his own. When I left the caves, I had to figh some Mercs (very good ones btw) that sure were not their before and someone planted Mines all around the goverment building. Needless to say, the battle went ahead as it was supposed to and I left the planet. Thanks for the help Just Me! BTW-Your name seems familiar, you in CoFR?
  8. Heya Just Me! Thanks for the reply. I should not have spoken to the head Mercenary the ENTIRE time im on Dantooine? Or are you reffering to the Head of security in the goverment building? If so, I have a save immediatly prior to telling him Im ready to finalize the attack. Sure hope its the latter as one of the first people I spoke to on this planet was the leader of the Militia. Im somin pissed, just upgraded the hell out of my light saber and havent seen it in action yet!
  9. Ok, if that was meant to be a shot at me, please re-read my first post. thanks. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You play games with your computer, right? So of course it affects the game what kind of computer you have. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, but why? There are thousands of types of CD players in the world but if you were to listen to a track on a CD that has a squelch or some other type of imperfection in it, odds are all cd players sound would output the same way. BTW-The one part I wanted you to read in my first post wasnt what you quoted, it was the " IM NOT A PROGRAMMER" part. Seems to me the HOW you play the game explenation makes more sense than everyone has a differnt pc.
  10. Ok, if that was meant to be a shot at me, please re-read my first post. thanks. Baley, what exactly did you do?
  11. Im not a programmer but from what I understand, all cds are cut from the same master. Now granted, different countries are all going to get a slightly different version but lets just assume its only the North American copies. Why do people, who should all have the same CD, wind up getting differnt bugs or errors than others, shouldnt everyone who has the same game get the exact same problems? Just a thought I had in bed last night as I stewed about the problem I just ran in to.
  12. Ah, so it is a bug! Thank you. What is this KSE Editor and will this possibly allow me to continue after the mercs begin their attack on the goverment building?
  13. Can anyone at least tell me if the Jedi Master is supposed to say anything to me?
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