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  1. what planets,weapons,craft,do u want? i figured id start this so we can see what ppl want outta this game and what we'll get once it comes out...on x-box first! hahahaha stupid pc ppl
  2. u guys allready got extra content last time 4 PC and us x-box guys didnt so give them a break, sometimes s**** happens dont complain about it anyways just wait for it to come out, i mean halo2 and gta5 r comin out 2 so that can keep u occupied. u guys whine too much
  3. attons probly talkin bout how Reven went durin KOTOR 1, after the star forge it wasnt exactly a big secret, the republic needed its heros, either that or he saw some unforseen threat thru the force and felt he needed to go. Dont get me started on how the devs screwed the Vong theory, they didnt even get to the galaxy till anakins time.
  4. sry i didnt include none of the above, i was speculating about Nar Shadda, maybe it isnt but i just want a world that hasnt already been seen in starwars...maybe mon calamari as long as they arent annoying as mannan ppl...how aboot the crystal planet... i 4got its name. damn
  5. i used all the flurry feats and the critical strike feats, i didnt find the use for critical strike until i think my 3rd playthrough
  6. NO REVAN, he CANNOT be in this one, new game, new generation in my opinion besides it would be a really big downer and spoiler to the game, like its the last level lets fight the masked guy, whoops its my old master reven what a suprise it couldnt have been a truly evil person, see what i mean? Reven wanted power, he was never truly strong, this guy has a striking evil to him, like a cobra or somethin, so hopefully it wont be the blundering reven
  7. i agree with Nur, Revan was an extremely weak lord, remember palpatine forsaw endor, and Reven didnt even suspect that pasty complected malak. and im only 15 but ive been a fan all my life and while KOTOR was a good game, the dark lord reven part sucked, and in my opinion if u only play the game ur only seein half the big picture, probly even less that cuz the books, movies, databanks at the starwars website give u an image that ur in the game when ur playin it, in a way
  8. http://www.homelanfed.com/index.php?id=24687 theres snow and rain. snow which means there might finally be a iced planet
  9. yea coruscant would be really good or Mon Calamari, theyre 2 key planets in the star wars universe yet we never even saw mon calamari, i still think an ice planet would be kool, it hasnt been done since the nintendo 64 days, thats a long time. plus im a hardcore star wars fan and tattoine is used just waaaaaaaaaaay too much, i mean we can only see so much of the place before its been done, and a watery(NOT MANAAN)/jungle planet would be a great substitute for a dry, desolate place where nothing is new or suprising cuz its been done b4.
  10. tattoine is used waaay too much, give us jungle worlds and maybe an ice world, like hoth or the one where lightsaber crystals come from
  11. and in the yuuzhan vong part of the books, it was alot more gory and viscious than the other crap they wrote, one of the jedis was tortured, his brother killed, and there was more deaths.
  12. he wasnt talkin bout the yuuzhan vong, he was reffering to zonama sekot, the living world from the new jedi order series. it was in its seed form then and in hibernation.but it camer from the yuuzhan vong galaxy,besides, the vong were probly just leavin theyre galaxy cuz they first reached the starwars galaxy when anakin was first in the order when he was on a mission, they were just givin props to the other star wars stuff.
  13. what if u choose if ur gonna be a consular, sentinal, guardian, marauder, assasin, w/e, u could find a special lightsaber or lightsaber crystals from a dead dude on dantooine and it would be specific to ur class like +8 force regeneration and wisdom, constitution boosters and unlock feat stuff like a lightsaber bonus like fierce wield lightsaber or somethin where u have bonus damage and stuff, and crystals that give ur jedi boostes like heals u during a fight, u kno like a couple here a couple there so it heals u to a max of 35 points during a battle and boostes ur force focus or somethin
  14. jedi master and jedi knight is simply a name, and it all depends on how attuned and experienced the jedi is, plus whos to say a knight is less forceful than a master?
  15. this is whut im talkin about guys exactly, my point that i tried to make was in the star wars universe, the force doesnt take sides, so in my opinion theyd be at a stalemate. because they wouldnt need lightsabers, theyd become the lightsaber, if they gave themselves over wholly to the force, which in a way the sith did because theyre rage would make them give in to the raw power of the force, plus if both sith and jedi who were true to their paths, then they would kno that it wouldnt matter if they died, theyd live on anyways
  16. personally i liked consular the best, force powers and stuff went well with the soldier class
  17. i think that we should be able to like highlight the powers we want to use once we aqquire them and then we can like store them somewhere like a force "inventory" cuz force whirlwind i could attack the guy while he was spinning and inflict more damage, but force wave would be better if ur surrounded, plus powers like force storm-lightning took up too much force power than just force lightning
  18. who would win if a true jedi who wholeheartedlly believed in the Jedi code of hte force fought a Sith who believed in their code? i kno its off topic but not really given that in kotor2 ur gonna fight sith lords, plus it always seems to end in stalemates in a way in the movies, each side does somethin to the other because the other did somethin to them
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