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  1. when i am in the military base on telos i findi a droid. i repair it and it follows me. after some steps it explodes. have i done something wrong? sorry if it has been already posted, i didn't find it
  2. alright i only have to chose the name of my character and then to start. thank you all
  3. yes i've never thought at decreasing INT. before i make some stupid things, with 8 STR have i still got the -1 damage or with the finnesse that doesnt't matter??
  4. yes you're right. i don't like the -1 me too and there are many ways to increase DEX with implants
  5. just another question: single or double sabre? the second is more powerful and i can get more bonus from the sneak attack; but it's less accurate (if i fail a sneak attack, the enemy can see me)
  6. yes i thought i could "substitute" the STR with the finnesse. if i'm not right please tell me
  7. i wish to restart the game as a sentinel and then become a sith assassin. how can i build my character at the beginning? i thought at 8 STR 15 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA and take the finnesse feat (melee weapons and sabre). can you give me any suggestions? and what characteristic should i boost every 4 levels? some people say assassin sucks, if you think so tell me why thank you
  8. maybe starting with 15 WIS, not 16, and you will receive 8 skills points. you are strong enough with 1 less WIS
  9. about skills... if a consular has only 8 INT there are just 4 points for the skills. is there a solution for the problem?
  10. well if he escapes on his own i''l tell the mercenaries to tyake him on nar shadda (to gain DS points) then i can return and kill them (to gain XP), and after the koonda attack i will face him. thank you all
  11. well this is my first playthrough; i'm a DS guardian and i chose to visit dantooine first. when i am in the cave where you find your crystal there are some mercenaries with master vrook caught. they tell me they want to go to nar shadda with vrook, and now i don't know what to do: kill them (and then i will have to face vrook on dantooine) or leave him with the mercenaries? what's the "best" choice? thank you
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