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  1. Hi all I just this moment finished playing KOTOR2 and I am mighty dissapointed, the fight with Kreia was the end of it, thats it????? It felt unfinished and I am left wondering "what the hell happened?".... Oh well, it was fun though just the ending IMO was crap. Serenia
  2. I did it...Yipeeeeeeeee!!! I never even knew that your life regen's after a while, good tip! Thanks guys!!! Serenia :D
  3. Thanks everyone for all your help, I do appreciate it!!!! I'll let you know how I go! Serenia
  4. Any ideas why my cheat thing won't work while I am Mira? Thanks guys Serenia
  5. LOL thanks......I have run, I tried outrunning them but eventually they just catch up and kill me...ugh..... Serenia
  6. Hi all I need help, at the moment I am Mira and I only have one medipac left and have still a long way to go and have a entourage of bounty hunters still out to get me...yikes...what can I do???? I have the cheat thing enabled and it worked while I was my main character but as this one everytime I hit the ~ key and then go to type in my cheat it cycles through my weapons etc, any ideas on that one? Please help me!!!! Serenia
  7. Hi all what I want to know is what happened to Carth ?????? For some reason I got the impression that KOTOR2 was following on from KOTOR with the same (well at least some of the same ) characters. So all I can say is DAMN, I was enjoying my romance with Carth....sighs....oh well......... BTW Atton is too much of a pretty boy for me but I guess he will have to do...lol! Serenia
  8. This is the problem I have but only during the saves. It doesn't happen everytime but enough to be annoying nonetheless!!! I couldn't find a reply to this bug? Anyone got any ideas??? I also downloaded the update before I started playing the game, the first one downloaded then it clicked onto some other patch? but it would download that one. Not sure what that is all about either??? Anyway thanks guys!! Serenia
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