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  1. That's the thing, I can't loot it in battle because as soon as she dies, while her body is dropping to the ground I lose control of my character and dialogue mode takes over.
  2. When, playing Dark Side, you get a call from Colonel Tobin to go back to Onderon and settle their civil war, and you meet General Vaklu and ask him about rewards for helping him, one of the choices he offers, besides 10,000 credits, or access to force sensitive Onderon citizens, is all the loot on Queen Talia's person. Even if you choose Talia's loot like I did, at the end of the Onderon battle, when you kill Queen Talia and you'd think that's when you get her loot but you don't/ Immediately after she dies, the game sends you to dialogue mode with Vaklu which was then immediately succeeded by a cutscene of shuttling back to Dxun. You never get a chance to loot her or go back to Onderon. Is this a bug? Or is Talia somehow lootable- if so, how?
  3. Thanks for the answers, it's been frustrating for me to play KOTOR2 because I'm used to online games like World of Warcraft where the goal of the game was to have the best character possible and the uncertainty of character development in KOTOR2 really got on my nerves but I'm starting to get the hang of this game now, it's the story and environment that's important, not the character.
  4. Does anyone know how to level up the <yourname> crystal? When I got the crystal, I was about 200 exp from level 22. I talked to Kreia, she said to talk with her about it when I changed my resolve or increased my power, then I talked to her after gaining 200+ exp and leveling up, and she says the same thing, won't upgrade it. I'm following the only dialogue option with Kreia for it and it doesn't work. Maybe it's a bug? I've run across a lot of bugs so that's one of the first things I think.
  5. Has anyone else had this problem with Atton's experience total becoming stuck at what he had before arriving on Dxun and becoming a temporarily unavailable party member? He never got experience again, even after finishing Onderon and leaving Dxun. All of my other npcs are level 20, Atton is still level 17(12scoundrel/5sentinel). I thought all npcs were supposed to continue gaining exp whether you used them or not, but Atton hasn't after Dxun when he had to stay on the ship to repair it. Is this an intended effect, or a bug, does anyone know?
  6. According to online TSL guides, when your main character maxes out his light side or dark side points, he gets bonuses. Light Guardian: +3 Strength Light Sentinel: +3 Constitution Light Consular: +3 Wisdom Weapon Master: +3 Strength Watchman: +3 Constitution Jedi Master: +3 Wisdom Dark Guardian: +1-8 Damage Dark Sentinel: +3 Dexterity Dark Consular: +50 FP Marauder: +1-8 Damage Assassin: +3 Dexterity Sith Lord: +50 FP Do these bonuses stack if you are, for example, Dark Consular 15/Sith Lord 3? Because according to the guides you would get +50 FP from Dark Consular and +50 from Sith Lord, for a total of +100 FP, but in my experience I only got 1 of the bonuses.
  7. Thanks, I need the constitution badly for d-class implants. As long as there are no further dialogue options that were supposed to become available only after breaking Hanharr's will, I'm not really missing anything.
  8. I have encountered 2 problems with Hanharr's attribute points, both soon after he joined my party and I was using him with Kreia to rescue my character on Goto's Yacht. The first problem happened when I got my character back in the audience chamber and I talked to Kreia about my prestige class. After choosing Sith Lord, I got like 10,000 automatic exp to push me to 120,000 exp so I could start leveling up as Sith Lord. My other party members Hanharr and Kreia got automatic exp too, and they had enough to level to 15. While I was leveling Hanharr, all his attributes were 8(8/8/8/8/8/:wub:, instead of the normal 24/13/22/10/8. And he only got 2 skill points to spend instead of the normal 3. After I was done leveling him up, his attributes reverted to normal(24/13/22/10/:p. But, he permanently lost the 1 skill point. The second problem happened later when I was talking to Hanharr to gain influence. I took the dialogue route starting with asking him why he was following me, and ended up breaking his will and getting him to permanently gain 2 STR while losing 2 INT. Problem was, next time I started dialogue with him, the "Why are you following me?" option was still there, and tried it, and broke his will again. He got +2STR,-2INT again. Each time I broke his will I also got Dark Side points and 1000 exp. I kept doing it because the option was always there the next time I talked to him. I got his stats to 32/12/22/3/8 before exiting the game in frusttration, but the option was still there and I could have gotten him 50 STR or more, I bet. I have patch 1.0b. I assume both of these problems are unintended by game design and were caused by bugs. The -1 skill point doesn't bother me that much, but I want to bring Hanharr's strength back down to earth by reloading my last save and stopping after breaking Hanharr's will once. But I wonder if that dialogue option's persistence prevents me from getting to another dialogue option that's supposed to be unlocked by breaking Hanharr's will. I read somewhere that he could improve my character's stats including CON. Does this bug prevent that from ever happening?
  9. I'm halfway through the game, would rather not start over, is there a cheat code to max DS points or another way to gain DS points?
  10. Is there anything that can be done besides finding an ancient save from before the bug started and losing many hours of progress?
  11. I'm not getting sound/animation for DS and my DS is stuck about 2/3rds to max from balanced. ( I was maxed but I took a lot of LS hits getting my influence with Handmaiden, Visas, and T3-M4 up. My influence with Visas might be maxed. I got the foresight ability from her after passing influence checks to talk about her blindness. But- Atton is there too and his influence is not maxed, and he is supposed to gain influence from those kills too, but he never starts a dialogue.
  12. I have been playing DS and killing everyone I can on Nar Shaddaa, but lately I've stopped getting Dark Side shifts for killing people who, according to guides such as GameFaqs or GameBanshee walkthrough are supposed to yield those. I killed Lootra and Lassavou in the Nar Shaddaa Docks. I also had Visas Marr and Atton in my party when I killed them and I got no influence gain from either of them even though after both kills Visas started a conversation and talked about having an impulse to kill those npcs from a force bond or something and according to GameFaqs influence guide, Visas is supposed to gain influence from those kills. And I remember killing the Gammorean guards just inside the refugee quad through intimidation which was supposed to give DS, and they didn't either. Is this a bug, or does anyone know what's going on? I have patch 1.0b.
  13. I'm maxed out on dark side points and I just left Telos, went back in Ebon Hawk, checked Starboard room, nothing.
  14. I read on a guide that Visas Marr shows up when you enter the Ebon Hawk after her cutscene with Darth Nihilus. I had significant dark side points after leaving Peragus and saw her cutscene on the way to Telos but when I got there the Ebon Hawk was impounded and I couldn't reboard it until the hidden academy. When I finally got Ebon Hawk back, only Handmaiden was aboard, Visas wasn't. I have tried exiting the Ebon Hawk and reboarding but she never shows up and I'm very disappointed. Is this a bug or is there anything I can do to get her to show up? I have had patch 1.0b.
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