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The best SW movie

Dark Moth

What is your favorite Star Wars episode?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite Star Wars episode?

    • Episode I (TPM)
    • Episode II (AOTC)
    • Episode III (ROTS)
    • Episode IV (ANH)
    • Episode V (TESB)
    • Episode VI (TROTJ)

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I guess mine would have to be Episode 4, followed by Episode 5. Just thought I'd see which one is most liked on these boards in light of Revenge of the Sith being released earlier this year. Be interesting to see how many votes Episode 1 gets... :ph34r:


Wow. The third poll I've started. :blink: :">

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Gotta go for The Emipire Strikes Back!


It's got all the classic Star Wars moments.


Also loved Revenge of the Sith


But obviously not as much :blink:

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I'm going to have to choose ROTJ. I loved the battle of Endor.

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Anyway I think I'm gonna go with episode 3,it bored me less.


Episode 3 for me too.


Edisode 4, not enough jedi stuff and too much of a product of certain era.

Episode 5, inbetween...

Episode 6, ewoks.

Epsiode 1, young anakin and jar jar.

Episode 2, romance between anakin and padme.

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Would people hate me if I voted for Episode I?  :)




Hate you? No. Pity you? There can be no doubt... :rolleyes:

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The music, for starters, was the best of all the prequels. The lightsaber fights were much better than the ones in RotS, too. Barring Maul's death, that is.

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The lightsaber duals, I think, were one of the few good things in the prequals (one being Yoda's utter baddassness) and the music was pretty good. Poor Darth Maul had barely any screentime. By the way, was Episode 1 the first place you see a double-bladed lightsaber? I heard somewhere that it was invented by Exar Kun. Maybe they used it in the comics or something.


Probably the worst part (aside from Jar Jar Binks, of course) was the guy(s) they got to play Anakin. He was dull in Episode I, and a whiner in Episode II. He was okay in Episode III, though.

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Episode I was the like the Matrix Sequels. There were truly great moments in that movie sandwiched in truly bad moments. We had very huge expectations that make the movie seem worse than it is.


Nothing beats Empire Strikes Back in my opinion, but Revenge of the Sith comes in at second.


After that it becomes difficult.

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I'm probably biased because I saw them in their "original" releases at a time where there was little competition for Star Wars.


So my list would be a toss up between the original Star Wars movie and The Empire Strikes Back. TESB got my vote.


Return of the Jedi was a big disappointment and from there, it went downhill.


The new trilogy were crap from beginning to end. Almost as if Lucas was doing some kind of sociological experiment to see how far he could go in his excesses of crappiness and people still going to the movies.

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I like Empire Strikes Back the best.


Then probably a tie between Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi. I like Return of the Jedi because I just like Luke....he's grown up, become strong in the force, and I love his plan and execution of Han Solo's rescue. Revenge of the Sith is good because Ewan McGregor rocks the kazbah, Anakin after he becomes Vader is cool, and it was great to see Yoda, and recognize just how strong he is with the Force (I mean, feeling Jedi dying across the galaxy...dude must be pretty in tune with it).


Then probably A New Hope. I still get goose bumps (I seriously am getting them right now just thinking about it) during the final trench run when it's just Luke, and he's lost R2....and suddenly "I have you now!" becomes 'Yeeeehawww.' Everyone's like WTF, and suddenly "You're all clear kid, now lets blow this thing and go home.


Then the music...dun, dun, dun dun dun, DUN...........KABOOOOOM! Whew, I love it. The ending of Star Wars, despite it's being pretty dated, is a fun, tense experience. "The Death Star has cleared the planet....the Death Star has Cleared the planet." "You may fire when ready." :rolleyes:



Finally, I used to hold Episode 2 in higher regard, but I just recently watched it, so I'm not sure which I dislike more, Episode 1 or Episode 2. Any Obi-Wan part in Episode 2 is :) (See above for Ewan McGregor comment), but any Anakin/Padme stuff is "ugh." Rolling in the hill...yeesh. Although once they're on Genosis, things are better and for the most part I don't mind the movie.


Episode 1 on the other hand, has Jedi whooping-ass at the beginning...always fun. But then....enter the Jar-Jar. Combining him with Anakin ("Yipeee" ugh), and the movie is sometimes quite difficult to watch :p The podrace, while cool in the theaters, really drags on for a long time IMO. However, Duel of Fates is the best Star Wars track (followed by 1a: Imperial March) IMO, and the lightsaber fight against Maul is the best of the movies IMO (It probably gets bonus points since Duel of Fates is playing at the same time :D). I liked Maul's fight because it wasn't excessively acrobatic like Sidious flipping around or anything crazy in Episode 3. Although I am rather glad Anakin/Obi-Wan fight wasn't anything extreme like that either. I also liked Maul's fights because there wasn't 1000 cuts in them (which seem to be the defacto way of showing the "chaos" of a fight these days....close quarter camera use with a billion cuts so that you really don't have any idea what's going on). There were many wide-angle shots, and you could see the fight :)



While both movies have "decent" endings, I'll give Episode 2 the nod since I find Anakin/Padme less annoying than Jar-Jar/Anny...plus the Anakin saving the day in Episode 1 was a little stretched IMO.

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