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  1. I have a 360, and have had one since christmas, but so far I only have Gears of War and Dead Rising. I'll likely buy Bioshock in the near future, though.
  2. That's the problem, nobody's carrying them. And neither can I seem to open up my console- using a swedish keyboard if that makes any difference.
  3. Alright, not to detract from your slugfest but I have a super huge annoying issue re: NWN that I need help with. I'm in act III and can't find a smith hammer anywhere. How do I solve this- I'm about to make my own Sword of Wrathraven Mk. II but cannot due to this dearth in basic crafting tools!
  4. I like the Volourn part better, to be honest. Throw it down 4 da old skool, son.
  5. Speaking of NWN2, this SecuROM copy protection scheme is turning out to be a major headache. It's pretty amusing that I had to resort to downloading a cracked executable just to play a game I legally bought, but what are you to do? As for Arcanum, I never could get into it. No idea why.
  6. I might as well sign up and offer my expert opinion on things. Lawd knows it'll be needed.
  7. I don't really care either way about timestop. Seriously, it was a nice spell, and certainly very powerful, but I think I'll survive somehow. It's not very important.
  8. Uh, except? Some people find roleplaying for the challenge or the sake of it fun. You didn't really pick at a failure in my argument, now did you- if the point is to have fun, we can still find different things about roleplaying fun, can't we? As for the latter part of your post, I think you'll have to go to far greater lengths if you intend to prove that all actors prefer playing roles they are used to rather than new and possibly difficult ones, and prefer it by "a lot", at that! You saying so isn't really going to cut it.
  9. Rollplay. Rollplay. Notice the spelling- what I was implying was that random stats was rather detrimental to my somewhat casual interest in maximizing the effectiveness of my characters for whatever reason. Not that I always do this, but hey, it can be fun. I'm not really sure what the above is supposed to say in relation to this, to be honest! Roleplaying is, when you get down to it, quite a lot like acting. Perhaps he simply believes that the mark of a good roleplayer or actor or suchlike is the ability to adapt- maybe he just finds the challenge in assuming a new, unfami
  10. In order to try and get this on the rails again, what do you think of the changes made in TBC? Personally I'm in favour of both the honor system revamp (the grind was horrible and I'm sure it'll be now too, but it can't get worse), as well as the change in direction towards smaller raiding parties for endgame content. A lot of smaller, more tight-knit guilds weren't able to run things such as BWL and MC because fielding 40 competent raiders is not something every guild can or wants to do. A nice change, really. Flowerchild the hippie elf paladin will be my summer project if things keep up,
  11. Will you be able to emit raditation? No power is more fearsome than the power of ATOMS! Thanks for your contribution to this thread!
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